China Glaze Nail Polish & How To Apply . . .

My current nail polish brand FAV is CHINA GLAZE (
It has great coverage with just one coat of polish, especially if you are in a rush and on the go!

If you have the time and apply two coats, it is chip-resistant and can last for over one week (this is even without a base coat or top coat)! Another advantage is that it is true to its colour in the bottle and it’s high gloss!

You can purchase China Glaze at Sally Beauty Salon (, Ulta (, and selecte
d salons near you!

So a few weeks ago, Sally Beauty was having a deal on China Glaze polishes. It was “buy 2 get $1.00 off”. In the past they had another deal like “buy 2 get 1 free” but I didn’t know when they would have that deal again, so I just took advantage of the “buy 2 get $1.00 off” deal. Also, if you have the Sally Beauty card, you get the polishes for a discounted price. I think I recall getting the polishes for $2.99 each! 🙂

I ended up purchasing 4 China Glaze nail polishes:

1. Strong Adhesion Base Coat
2. Fast Forward Top Coat
3. Secret Peri-wink-le (#683)

4. Wild Mink (#001)

When I got home, I immediately tried the Wild Mink polish (pink) with the base coat and top coat. I normally don’t apply a base coat or top coat with my polishes, but my friend showed me a link on youtube about the “OPI Drip Dry” and how fast it’s supposed to dry your nails….and I thought, okay I always get frustrated when my nails get ruined after I apply my nail polish and then I have to re-do them! So I figured I’d try a top coat but maybe a cheaper alternative than the “OPI Drip Dry”. So CHINA GLAZE it was!!! 🙂


Strong Adhesion Base Coat: Increases the wearability of the coloured polish and decreases the chance of the colour from chipping. It also helps prevent your nails from turning yellow.

Fast Forward Top Coat: Dries your polish faster and adds more shine.

So here is my new nail polish application routine:

In this example, I’ve decided to use “Secret Peri-wink-le which is like a greyish blue with a hint of purple.

After you cut your nails, file/shape them, and all that…..

1. Wash your hands

2. Apply the base coat on all your nails
3. Wait a minute or so, then apply one coat of the nail colour of your choice.

When applying the polish, start off with applying the polish in the center of your nail and use the excess polish on the brush to apply each side of your nail. This will help evenly distribute the colour.

4. Before you apply your second coat, here’s another tip:

Apply a tiny bit of polish on your polish brush. Paint the edge of your nail first, then paint your second coat. Do this for each nail and this will increase the wearing time of your polish.
5. Wait for the second coat to dry for at least 2 minutes. Then apply the top coat. This top coat helps dry the polish faster and adds even more shine to your nails. It also helps make the polish last longer.

Voila, you’re all done!! 🙂
Within a couple of minutes your nails will be nice and dry!
I don’t have to wait hours for my nails to dry or worry about ruining them and getting bedsheet marks on my nails if I apply polish before I go to sleep!!!


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