How to maintain healthy skin . . .

FACT: Skin is the largest organ of your body, therefore you must try your best to keep it healthy.

In order to have a flawless and fresh looking face, you have to take good care of your skin. It’s easier to apply make-up when you have a good canvas to start with.

Here are ways to keep your skin healthy:

1. Keep your skin clean (Cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing):

* Cleanser: Use foam/gel (oily skin) or milky/creamy (normal to dry skin).
* Exfoliater: Do this once a week. Use an exfoliator that has gentle, tiny grains.Removes the layer of dead skin and keeps your skin looking fresh and glowing. Especially good for normal to dry skin types.
* Toner/Astringent: Use toner which contains no alcohol (normal to oily skin) or astringent which contains alcohol (oily skin). Removes traces of dirt and oil.
* Moisturizer: Use water-base/oil-free (oily skin) or oil-base/creamy (normal to dry skin). Helps to add and lock moisture into the skin. Keeps skin hydrated. It’s best to use moisturizers with an SPF for the day (even in the winter) to protect your skin from sun damage. For night time use, use a moisturizer with no SPF as all day use will aggravate the skin.

Tip: Use make-up remover first before washing your face. When cleaning your face, use warm water to open your pores. Massage cleanser onto your entire face, and then use lukewarm or cool water to rinse it all off.

2. Exercising:

* Increases blood circulation which improves your skins texture.

* Produces collagen which helps keep your skin looking firm and young.
* Sweating helps get rid of toxins.
* Helps clear up break-outs

Tip: Before exercising, it is best to remove all make-up to prevent your pores from clogging.

3. Sleep:

* As you are sleeping your skin is replenished by cell regeneration. Your old, dead skin cells are replaced by new, fresh skin cells.
* Without good sleep your skin will look dull and tired. Good sleep will keep your skin rejuvenated and fresh.

4. Hydration:

Drinking a lot of water helps moisturize your skin and gives it a healthy glow.

5. Protect your skin from the sun:

Ensure your skin is protected by using a moisturizer with SPF. Too much sun speeds up the aging process. Therefore, too much tanning will make you look older.

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