CHEERS…to a new decade!

2009 has come & gone in a blink of an eye. Can you believe it is already 2010? In the ’90s when I thought of 2010, I imagined flying cars and everyone wearing silver and very BRIGHT colours! LOL

One word to sum up 2009 is…”INTERESTING”. It has surely been an “interesting” year. This year was full of some unexpected surprises but I think if you look back at the experiences and take what you’ve learned from it, it’s made you into a better person. So that’s what I’ll be doing…taking what I’ve learned from 2009 and cherishing the wonderful memories while leaving the rest behind! It’s been an awesome year from having the opportunity to travel with the ones you love, facing fears you never imagined you could overcome, having the honour to be the make-up artist for many couples’ special day, improving my skills, being able to balance family and work….and so much more!

However, one thing I neglected to work on is keeping my body healthy. I was very good at the beginning of 2009 (January to April), then it went downhill from there. I’m hoping this NEW year, I will have more will power and stick to working out consistently and eating more healthy.
(We’ll see how long this will last! 😛 j/k)

I remember saying my new year’s resolution will be to make YouTube videos. But last month I thought, if I don’t start doing it now, I’ll never do it! So I started my new year’s resolution a few weeks early. To be honest, I’m shocked that people actually watch my videos! I thought I would get only 30 views per video. I know I don’t get CRAZY views like other make-up gurus out there! LOL But as long as I can get my message across to some people, that’s all that matters! (Although, it would be amazing to have hundreds of thousands of views! LOL). Also, ever since I posted YouTube videos the number of views on this blog has gone up! That’s amazing! I should post more interesting things up on here now that I have more readers! 😛

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for watching my videos and reading my blog! 🙂 I have some video and blog ideas in mind for 2010, so stay tuned!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!
May this year be filled with happiness, love, laughter, and good health!

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