“I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any make-up”

So my best friend (aka JB) asked me to go make-up shopping with her. I told myself that I was going to stop buying make-up for a while….so to fight temptation I quickly said “No, I can’t”!! But after giving it some thought and wanting to ‘help a good friend out’, I just couldn’t resist to tag along!! ;P

First we went to Sephora to return an item that just wasn’t doing the job for JB (5 Camouflage Cream Palette). It was too thick and cakey to wear as an everyday concealer/corrector so she wanted to return it.


Did you know that as long as you have a receipt you can return your make-up any time at SEPHORA?! It doesn’t matter how long ago it was purchased?! So keep your reciepts ladies & gentlemen just in case you are not satisfied with a product!

Fortunately JB was still able to return this product! So to replace this product, she wanted to try using a corrector and concealer from Bobbi Brown. A few nights ago she tried a Bobbi Brown corrector which I use and she fell in love with the coverage and the texture. So we headed our way to Holt Renfrew where they sell Bobbi Brown.

Boy, was it an experience! LOL Although I told myself I was not going to buy any make-up today, I already had in mind what I wanted to purchase (life of a make-up addict?) . . . a Bobbi Brown concealer to go with my Bobbi Brown corrector. But to resist my purchase, I let the make-up artist help JB first, since that’s really why we were here. She said JB didn’t need a corrector (LUCKY girl! lol) but found a concealer that matched well with her current foundation.

Once JB was done with her purchases, it was my turn . . . DUN DUN DUN

I told the MUA I was looking for a concealer to go with my Bisque corrector so she helped me find a colour. She then looked at my skin and said my foundation coverage was too heavy and that it was not even the correct colour! She said this to JB as well!! She said that we both have great skin and that we don’t need to cover it up this much. So she suggested to give me a mini make-over to try a new foundation.

Side note:

As mentioned in past blog posts, I’m on a search for a new foundation. I bought one at MAC weeks ago – Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 (NC42). When I first tried it on, I thought it was too BRIGHT and too yellow compared to my actual skin colour and past foundation colours. But I thought, maybe the MAC MUA suggested this to me to maybe brighten up my skin. I’ve never worn MAC foundation, so I thought I’d give it a try. I got many compliments on the coverage and colour throughout the past few weeks…..so I was convinced that this colour was right. Being a make-up artist myself, I am more critical and indecisive of myself (but I guess everyone else feels that way about themselves too).

So back to my story, the Bobbi Brown MUA tried the Skin Foundation SPF 15 in
Honey and it looked sooo good on me! She also put on the Honey concealer over the Bisque corrector. The entire coverage was great and because my skin has been a little oily than usual I liked that this foundation wasn’t dewy and it had a lightweight matte coverage.

After she finished with my mini make-over she looked at my skin and said that she was thinking of trying a foundation a tad bit lighter because as time went by the Honey foundation got darker on my skin (due to oxidization which I’ve mentioned in a past blot post). So she tested the Warm Natural which is half a shade lighter on my neck and to me either one looked good and there wasn’t a big difference in colour. So I told her I liked the one she originally applied on me – Honey. She then laid out on the table all the products she used on me (including the bronzer and blush) and as she was going through them one by one, I started GUESStimating how much this was going to cost me . . . even if I were to just get the foundation and concealer . . . I thought to myself, “I told myself I was not going to buy make-up today and here I am spending over $100!!”. So I kindly told the MUA that I was going to walk around the mall and let this foundation sit. I had to think about it and I had to ensure that this was the perfect colour for me as I wanted to see if the colour would get any more darker due to oxidization…..so she was nice enough to write the colours on her business card and I said I’d come back after we were done shopping……….


I didn’t! :S


On SALE $30!!

On SALE $50!!!

Aren’t they cute?! I love ’em!

I told myself I wasn’t going to buy make-up and I didn’t! Aren’t you proud of me?! I sure am! haha LOL Instead I bought two pairs of shoes which still added up to be cheaper than if I were to buy my Bobbi Brown stuff! 😀 (Did I mention, I’m also addicted to buying shoes? First shoe purchase of 2010 and probably many more to come! yiiikes)

What am I going to do with my MAC foundation?? RETURN IT! I found the receipt and I called the store to ensure I can still return it! I even kept the packaging and I’ll be returning it on Tuesday when I attend their “Spring Colour Forecast Collection” event.

I feel bad that I never returned to the Bobbi Brown counter as I’ve worked at a cosmetics counter before and know how it feels. But I just couldn’t afford to spend a load of money on more make-up when I still have some at home and/or in my make-up kit! So in the meantime, I will use my Make-up Forever HD foundation that I still have left and either (1) try a better colour at MAC because I get their discount or (2) cross my fingers and hope that the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Honey will be at the Estee Lauder warehouse sale in March!

I am so cheap, aren’t I? I can’t help it!! I love sales!!

Also just to mention, I enjoyed getting that mini make-over by another MUA, there are times I don’t mention that I am also a make-up artist so I can learn from them and see their ways of applying things. The Bobbi Brown MUA was very knowledgeable…she used to work for MAC in EUROPE! When I told her about my MAC foundation she mentioned that it’s hard for ASIAN women to find their colour especially when recommended by a non-asian person…which to be honest, I find somewhat true (not to be racist at all). I’ve had make-up artists in the past match my colour incorrectly and would give me foundations that had pink undertones when clearly I’m yellow! That was one reason that inspired me to go to make-up school –> to learn how to apply make-up on myself and on all skin colours!!!!

Btw, hours have passed now and my foundation colour on my face is still in tact and did not get any darker. So I will definitely keep this foundation in mind!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little personal blog post of mine….I’m just babbling away, I hope it all made sense!! LOL ….

Thanks for reading!

xoxox tesstheshoe-aholic…I mean, makeupbytess ;p

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