Green With Envy

I had a pleasure to work with Clarissa, a beautiful aspiring model yesterday. I had a lot of fun doing her make-up. We did different looks from natural to glamorous to creative!  She did not have a creative look in her portfolio, so I was really happy that she was open for anything.
I purchased these really funky lashes – black lashes with BRIGHT GREEN polka dots when I went to IMATS last year. I was dying to use them and I thought she would be the perfect candidate! 😛 As you can see in the picture below, I just used the lashes on the outer corner of her eyes. That was by default. Initially I had used the full length lashes on her. As I was removing one of the lashes to fix it, a piece of it fell off….and DING DING DING!!! I had an even better idea!!! So this is what the creative look ended up looking like!!
Model: Clarissa
MUA: Tess
Photographer: Tess
Location: Norm’s Workshop

Big thanks to Norm and Clarissa. Also, the photographers who guided me and encouraged me to take some photos. (I initially just brought my SLR to take before and after shots of my models, but near the end of the day a couple of photographers taught me a little bit on taking photos with lighting and other equipment.)

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