False Lashes

Last month I posted a poll on my blog:

and as you can see, about 50% of you who voted, thought that FALSE EYE LASHES are the most difficult to apply.

I always thought applying false lashes on other people was a sinch! But on myself, well, that’s another story! For one thing, I thought it was a struggle because I had only ONE EYE open, so I felt I couldn’t see properly. PLUS, I could never get my “closed eye” to relax so it was ALWAYS twitching. This resulted in GLUE everywhere! Very MESSY, I tell you. So whenever I would wear false lashes, I would get my experienced “hawaiian dancer” friend to put it on me! (For all you hawaiian dancers out there, you know you love your false lashes! :P).

False lashes are one of those things most people don’t wear on a daily basis. So I too, thought they were one of the most difficult things to apply on yourself. But after you get the hang of it….it’s actually quite easy!

Here is how I apply false eye lashes on myself:

I get many clients asking me how to remove false lashes. No need to fear, I promise you this CAN be painless! 😉

Here is a quick and easy way to remove false lashes:

I hope these tutorials helped!
Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be extremely easy for you!

For those of you who voted on my poll, thanks for your feedback! xoxox

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