QUICK TIP: Summer Foundation

For summer days (especially hot & humid days like today), it’s best to wear a light, weightless foundation. It’s not pleasant having thick, cakey foundation melting off your face! :S
So for an everyday kind of foundation, a tinted moisturizer definitely does the trick! It still evens out your skin tone just enough and with a weightless feel.
Save your money and use the products you already have. 😉 I say there is no need to go out and purchase a tinted moisturizer if you already have a foundation.
Just mix your foundation with a little bit of your daily moisturizer and VOILA you have just created your own tinted moisturizer! 🙂

The more moisturizer you add in, the lighter the consistency of your foundation! So add in as much moisturizer as your face desires. Just remember, be kind to your skin and use a moisturizer with SPF if your foundation doesn’t already have some!
Happy Summer!!!

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