It’s Time to Give your Skin a Treat

Is it the air? 
The water? 
My diet? 
Or is it just my unwelcoming, monthly friend ready for its visit (TMI? lol)

These were the questions running through my mind as I was applying the minimal make-up products I brought on my trip.

Last month I was breaking out a lot and it couldn’t happen at a better time.

This all happened whilst I was on a three-week vacation. When I’m on vacation, I take a whole lot of photos to capture our every moment. Now, looking back at these photos, you see either a ginourmous pimple on my forehead or on my chin. Other than looking back at the beautiful scenery, the pimple is the first thing my eyes draw attention to. If the pimple was not present, you see the scar it left behind as a parting gift. :s
With that being said, last week, I thought it was about time to pay a little visit to fresh.beautiful: the skin studio in Toronto to give my skin the attention it needs. I booked an appointment with the lovely owner, Stephanie. This has been my second time coming to the studio and I knew what to expect — clean skin as soft as a baby’s bottom, minimal appearance of pores and blackheads, and skin that looks even more flawless with foundation on.

I got the Preserve + Nurture treatment which is non-invasive and involves a crystal microdermabrasion and cold laser therapy. These two treatments combined help remove the dead skin and reveal a brighter, healthier new layer. My skin always feels, smells, and looks nice when I walk out of this studio. Stephanie recommends not to wear make-up for the rest of the day and to be honest, I didn’t even wear make-up the day after either. I wanted to get the full effect. My skin looked and felt great!
Cold Laser Therapy & Crystal Microdermabrasion
Canister #1 White Crystals // Canister #2 Dirty Crystals

[In the above photo, you will see stripes in the ‘dirty’ crystal canister. Each stripe represents a past client — mine being on the top, of course. The crystals pass through from the clean white crystal canister to the second canister. Depending on how dirty your skin is, it can come out as being black, grey, speckled grey, clumpy, spread-out, etc. Stephanie opened the canister to analyze my ‘stripe’ for me because I was curious and she said it was speckled grey, meaning it wasn’t bright white nor dark black. So I’ll take that as my skin not being too dirty! lol Woohoo!]

I e-mailed Stephanie a few questions which she happily answered. Hopefully you find this information helpful!
  1. Tell us about your Preserve + Nurture treatment? How is it different from most facials?
Preserve+Nurture is more therapy for the skin than a facial. It’s specific treatments for the skin that helps to stimulate and “jumpstart” cellular processes above and beneath it’s surface to not only have your skin look great, but work at its optimal best. It’s differs because it’s non-invasive, there is no trauma to the skin, and yet, you still receive a good cleaning and an intense hydration. It also differs because 99% of my clientele are still able to leave my studio and go about their day. There is no downtime. You will not look like you had your face peeled raw. Instead, you will just have a healthy flush.

  1. Why is it important to get a facial?

Just like you maintain your hair everyday,  wash your clothing every week,  or give your car an oil change every few months, every now and then, they just need a good maintenance check by a professional (your hairdresser, your alterationist or drycleaner, your mechanic).  Even if you take great care of your skin and exfoliate regularly, there is build-up or dirt, grime, and oil floating deep beneath the skin that you just can seem to get rid off.  In addition, as you age your skin does not repair itself as quickly as it used to or produce as much collagen. A preserve+nurture treatment can definitely help in that department.

  1. How often can you get a facial?

Well, it doesn’t hurt to try and get in to see a professional once a month. If not for your skin, for your mind – it’s a great way to treat yourself and relax. But, I appreciate that a budget is a budget. I tell all my clientele that it is all about how they feel about their skin! If they have some major issues that they would like to address and our cold laser treatment can help them if they invest in an aggressive treatment schedule, then I will be seeing them every 10 to 14 days. If they have some minor issues they want to keep at bay, every 4 to 5 weeks.  If it’s just about routine maintenance and they want to have a good cleaning but need to stay on top of their budget, then try to schedule something every 7 to 8 weeks, or, once a season.

  1. How can you take care of your skin in between facial appointments?

Don’t fix what isn’t broken. If you have a skincare routine that suits you already and doesn’t cause you to breakout – or better yet, minimizes what breakout you already have – don’t change it. But you can add to it. I always tell my clients to invest in a gentle exfoliator to use once a week.  And don’t forget the holy must of musts – Sunscreen.

  1. What if you can’t afford a facial? How can people take good care of their skin?

Again, exfoliate and protect.  Removing the outermost layer of skin regularly will keep you looking fresh-faced. Protecting with sunscreen will fight against sun damage – a huge player in the signs of aging.  There is also ways to keep your skin looking great through proper diet … but you’d need a whole other blog post to tackle that!

  1. What is the difference between men’s skin vs. women’s skin? Can men get facials too?

Yes! men can get facials. Obviously, there are the more visible differences between men and women and their skin. Men’s skin is thicker, sometimes a little more rough BUT the two sexes share all the same problems from blackheads, large pores and oily skin.  Even sensitivity. However I believe that the difference between men’s skin to women’s skin, is not really different between women to women.

  1. When we first met and I asked you how you got to where you are now, I was inspired by your story. What inspired you to start your own business (BlushPretty and fresh.beautiful: the skin studio)?

I would have to say that my family inspired me most. And the fear that I would never watch my children grow up. I liked working in law, but it wasn’t easy. Long hours, office politics, bitchy people (and I’m not talking about the women) … while I liked and adored my immediate boss at my last firm, I really couldn’t take it any longer. I had already established BP on the side and just thought to myself … I have nothing to lose.  So I went for it … it meant being able to wake up and have breakfast with my son and volunteering at his school for the book program that year. It meant being able to be home to attempt making a decent dinner for my husband. It meant having a second child 5 years after the first. It also meant that I got to be in charge of what I wanted my life to be like!

  1. Do you have any advice for people who want to pursue their dream (ahem, myself and many others lol), but are afraid to make the move?
Well, my first piece: don’t be afraid. I mean, what’s the point? Are you afraid someone will say no – cause I’m sure you’ve received plenty of “no’s” in your lifetime – what’s a few more? Are you afraid you won’t be able to bring in enough to pay the bills? Well, you have your health, your mind and your drive still. You may have left your job to try and pursue something big, but no one said you can never go back. You can always go back. Are you afraid that once you get there the dream won’t be as great as you thought? Well, remember what they say, the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side … 10 to 1 the dream you’re living is AWESOME and you just don’t see it because you are always dreaming bigger – that’s what got you there in the first place!

My second piece: Don’t over-think it. Business planning is one thing … but don’t over-think it.  Have a grasp on what you want to do, what you need to do to get there, and one or two main goals to achieve. Set a deadline date to review and assess. Then jump!

Thank you, Stephanie for the information and wonderful advice! 
I highly recommend this treatment to anyone. It would be a great gift to add to your wish list for Christmas or give as a gift to a friend or family member. Better yet, it’s nice to treat yourself once in a while …  you deserve it! 😉
For more information or to book an appoinment, visit their website:
Stephanie also holds affordable and very imformative Blush Pretty Workshops in her studio. Her 2011 November schedule is now up, check it out:

“Your skin is a very important part of your body, don’t neglect it. Give it the love it deserves!” 


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