MUFE Flash Palette

As many of you beauty bloggers/lovers know, IMATS Toronto is coming up in one week! (Yay!)

A few of you have been asking about the Make-up Forever Flash Palette and buying it at IMATS would be the perfect time to get it! Make-up Forever will be offering a discount of 40% off their products an offer that you cannot pass up!

I mentioned on Twitter that I have the palette and purchased it back during IMATS Toronto 2009 (blog post here). Buying the MUFE Flash Palette was at the top of my IMATS 2009 list as I heard many great things about it and it’s a must have in a make-up artist’s kit!

Prior to purchasing the MUFE Flash Palette, I was considering similar palettes from other brands such as, Ben Nye’s Lumiere palette and Kryolan Supra Colour palette. I walked around IMATS swatching and comparing prices, but the MUFE Flash Palette was the definite winner! It was way more pigmented than the rest.


Take a note book with you so you can record prices, swatch products, and write little notes to compare products. This will help you narrow products down if it’s hard for you to decide!

I mentioned on Twitter that there are certain colours that you cannot use on the eyes and lips. If you look at the back of the palette, it mentions which colours.

As you may notice, it says, “In the USA”. But what about if you purchased it outside of the US? Does that mean they use different ingredients in the US? I was reading blog posts about this and people’s assumptions were that maybe it’s because it dyes the skin. However, rather than assuming, I thought I should just ask the source — I emailed Make-up Forever.

Make-up Forever replied back to me in a timely manner (which I really appreciated) and this is what they have to say:

“Due to strict regulations in the US, certain product colours have specific usage guidelines that must be communicated to the US customer. The same regulations are not mandatory for the Canadian consumers. We welcome you to pass along either the US recommended product usage or to share with your readers how you like to use the product. The formulation for the Color Flash Palette is the same in both the US and Canada.”

So what I gather from this is that the palettes sold in Canada, USA, and any other countries have the same ingredients and formulation. It’s just in the US they have regulations that are more strict which means they may have to state in their packaging which colours should not be used on certain parts of the face. It is probably because these colours will most likely temporarily stain your skin. But I guess it’s really up to you and use it at your own discretion.

I have swatched the colours below so you can see how pigmented the product is (left). I tried to wipe off the product with a no-name wipe and you can see that after a few rubs, some of the colours are still visible. But please keep in mind that I used a no-name wipe and not make-up remover to try to remove the product from my arm.

Top Row (Left to Right): Gold, Coral (Do not apply near the eyes), Turquoise, Fuchsia (Do not apply near the eyes), Yellow, Brown
Bottom Row (Left to Right): Silver (Do not apply on lips), White (Do not apply on lips), Red (Do not apply near the eyes), Bright Blue (Do not apply on lips), Leaf Green, Black
Even though the packaging of the MUFE Flash Palette states which colours should not be used near the eyes and on the lips, I wouldn’t let it discourage you from purchasing this bright and pigmented palette. There are other products out there that temporarily stain the skin as well but they don’t state that. So this isn’t really any different in that sense. 
This palette can be used for various things — eye shadow, eye shadow base, lipstick, blush, foundation, concealer, etc. It’s also easy to mix colours to make your desired colour of choice! But please remember to set the product with a powder to keep it in place. I find without powder it can get a bit oily and move around.

I love using this palette for creatives! Here are a few photos of where I used some of the colours:


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