Lately, I’ve been wearing bold lip colours.
On a daily basis, my make-up tends to be very neutral. But on weekends I love to spice it up with a bit of colour on the lips. I used to be very afraid to wear bold lip colours, but lately I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone to give my look a bit more … oomph.

So I think I’ll start posting photos of my “LIPSTICK OF THE DAY”. I don’t wear lipstick everyday, but when I do, I’ll post a photo for you to see. Who knows, it might introduce a new colour to you or help you determine whether or not you like a colour you were contemplating on getting.

Here is what I wore today:

Lipstick: VINO {ANNABELLE Cosmetics}
Lipliner: Cherry {ANNABELLE Cosmetics}

* don’t mind the lipstick shape. lol I melted all my lipsticks for my make-up kit and left a bit on the tube for me to use.
The inspiration of today’s lip colour was my turquoise necklace
I wanted to wear something deep, but not too dark. 

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