Website Launched!

I am very happy to say that my portfolio website is ready for viewing! 🙂
My website was created a few months ago but it was never complete until today!
The bio was one section I just kept putting on hold because I hate writing or talking about myself!
But with the help of my fiance, I was able to finally get that part of my website done! He wrote up a few questions for me to answer and put it together in a document and VOILA! My bio was created!

side note: if you ever need your bio written ask my fiance! lol 

I added some new photos to my porftolio too! I’ve done a few photoshoots since the new year and worked with wonderful and talented people! One of my goals this year was to do more photoshoots and so far, I think I’ve been doing pretty good!

My portfolio is still growing so keep checking back for new work.

Feel free to browse, read, view, and click away! Any feedback, comments, and constructive criticism are welcome!

Thank you everyone for your support and inspiration along this journey!



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