LIVE CLEAN {Fresh Face} – Smoothing Facial Scrub

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@makeupbytess), you may have seen me tweet yesterday morning that I was going to try the Smoothing Facial Scrub from LIVE CLEAN {Fresh Face}.

Many of you were asking how I liked it …

Here is my first impression:

  • I was very impressed with how small the granules were. I find the smaller the granules, the more gentle it is on our skin. In the instructions it says it can be used 3 times a week where most scrubs recommend we use once a week.
  • The fragrance of the product was very light and mild. You can tell it is made of natural products (cornmeal).
  • After rinsing my face, my skin felt smooth and looked a bit more refreshed and polished.

You obviously have to try a product more than once to get a better sense of if it works for you or not, but so far I am really impressed!

Smoothing Facial Scrub 
140 g
Find this product at Shoppers Drugmart and Wal-mart in Canada only


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