Can’t Steer Away From Brights!

I know Fall is in the air and the most typical thing to do is retire the bright colours for the year.

If you are like me … you just don’t have the heart to do it!
I just can’t steer away from the brights … well, for now anyway!

Hmmm … maybe I’m still in denial that the summer is officially over?

Although it’s getting quite cold in my city, summer is still alive on my nails! Coral has been one of my fave shades!

 Maybelline Express Finish in Peachy Petal

I purchased this nail polish at the L’Oreal warehouse sale for $3.00: [Click to see haul].
I’m trying to find the perfect shade of coral for my wedding colour and when I saw this, I fell in love!  
This is my first time trying out  Maybelline Express Finish. Here is my first impression:
  • It dries more vibrant in colour than what you see in the bottle (might be hard to tell in the photos)
  • Your nails definitely dry under a minute but I found it might just be the top layer. I painted my nails late at night. I touched them before I slept and it felt dry. But when I woke up in the morning I had light line indentations on some of my nails. It could’ve been worse with other nail polish brands as I’ve experienced. (For some reason I always paint my nails before going to sleep lol).
  • It applies pretty pigmented. I applied two coats.
  • It’s been five days since I have applied my nail polish. I have a tiny chip on my right pointer finger and all the other fingers look freshly painted still.

*A base coat was applied with this application. No top coat was applied.

I would definitely wear this polish brand and colour again! 
How about you? Are you stuck in the Summer vibes still or has Fall won you over already? 😛

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