L’Oreal & TIFF’s Style Stars Event

It has been two weeks since TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) has come and gone. It’s always this time of year where people look forward to star gazing on the streets of Yorkville, watch well-made independent and hollywood films at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in the Entertainment District, or party it up at beautiful downtown clubs or lounges.

I have to admit, I was one of the Torontonians strolling around Yorkville hoping to accidentally bump into celebs, but uhhh … no luck.  Earlier this day, however,  I attended a TIFF event at the Panorama Lounge hosted by L’Oreal Paris Canada called the “Red Carpet Style Stars Event”.

Panorama Lounge was such a beautiful venue to hold this event. You take the elevator up to the 51st floor of the Manulife Centre.  This venue represented Toronto very well with its breath-taking view of our beautiful city.

This evening began with some mingling with champagne and h’ordeurves with fellow make-up artists and bloggers. Then it led to an informative and entertaining presentation by Eric Del Monaco (Official Hair Artist of L’Oreal Paris in Canada) and Johnny Lavoy (Official Hair Artist of L’Oreal Paris in the United States and hair stylist on Project Runway).

Eric Del Monaco

Johnny Lavoy

These two talented hairstylists showed us the hair styles of different celebs and talked about how they achieved the look and which products they used. They also mentioned what hair colour can do to your over all look.

One tip that I will forever take with me is from Eric Del Monaco:

If you have warm-toned skin, choose a hair colour that is cool-toned.
If you have cool-toned skin, choose a hair colour that is warm-toned.

After this presentation, we all just wanted to go home and dye our hair or try out the classic Audrey Hepburn hairdo which Johnny Lavoy showed us how to do:

 Once the presentation was over, we preceded to mingle amongst the beauty lovers and got to check out the new hair and make-up products as well as take photos.

Donna (DonnaMarieMUA), Joyce (SparklyPlayground) and myself
Eddie Malter (Official Make-up Artist of L’Oreal Paris in Canada) and I

Eddie Malter is one lucky guy! LOL

With gorgeous and talented MUAs – 
Donna (DonnaMarieMUA), Fiona (FionaMan), Arianne (TheGlitterGeek)

Eddie Malter and Eric Del Monaco – I love their humour!

Eric Del Monaco, Myself, Donna, and Eddie Malter
Eric & Eddie with Caroline and Margaret (some of the wonderful people behind the event – Cowan & Company)

During all the mingling, I noticed some of the girls wore my #ArtisanBraceletsForACause bracelets!

Ladies, you are awesome! Thanks for the support!
Artisan Bracelets for a Cause
Elaine (TOBeautyReviews), Arianne (TheGlitterGeek), and Donna (DonnaMarieMUA)

We came home with a wonderful L’Oreal & TIFF Swag Bag

Love the print on the inside of the make-up bag

Thank you L’Oreal and TIFF for a wonderful event!
Can’t wait to try out the products!


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