MAC Pro’s Body Painting Event

MAC held a body painting cocktail event on Tuesday, October 23rd at the pro store on Queen St. W. in Toronto. It was an evening full of MAC Pro Members and their guests, MAC artists, cocktails and an almost nude male model (did I get your attention? :P). MAC couldn’t have chosen the perfect time to promote their Acrylic Paints … right before Hallowe’en!

Mac Pro Acrylic Paints (missing in photo: white)

 Mac Pro Acrylic Paints come in 10 vibrant colours.

Pure Red
Rich Purple
Landscape Green
Primary Yellow
Genuine Orange
Marine Ultra (blue)
Black Black
Process Magenta (pink)
Pure White
Hi-Def Cyan (light blue)

There was a mannequin at the event where the guests could get a feel for the Acrylic Paints by “Painting by Number”. Just like we were kids, there were numbers assigned for each colour. We grabbed the corresponding colour and painted away!

Here I am painting two petals green:

I made my way around to speak to various MAC Artists. I’m not so familiar with body painting so I wanted to pick their brains!

Tips I learned from the MAC Artists at this event:

  • To prevent the products from drying and oxidizing, pour a bit of the paint onto a palette or plate and put the cover back on the container.
  • Don’t use expensive brushes when painting with these MAC Pro Acrylic Paints. 
  •  Use an oil-based brush cleaner to clean the brushes.
  • You can mix colours to create your desired colour. You can also do some fading/shading while the paint is wet.

Here is one of the MAC artists showing me how to shade the acrylic paints:

The MAC Artists told me these Acrylic Paints don’t fade. The colour stays vibrant throughout the day and it doesn’t transfer or smear!

I just had to put it to the test when I got home:

They were right!

I would highly recommend this product for creative photoshoots and for the everyday woman who wants a black liner to last all day. This would also be perfect for your wedding day!

Before I go, I just want to leave you with this:

Uhhh-huh! I wasn’t exaggerating when I mentioned “an almost nude male model”! LOL

Happy Painting!


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