Who Said Girls Can’t Have a ‘Stache too?

Movember is that time of month when guys grow (or attempt to grow :P) their moustaches to raise money for prostate cancer and other male cancers. But what about the ladies? How can we support our dudes?

Annabelle Cosmetics is looking out for us ‘Mo Sistas and will be donating to the Movember Foundation with our contribution.

Who said ladies can’t have a ‘stache too?

How to contribute to the Annabelle Movember Donation Project

  1. Using your favourite Annabelle lipliner, lipstick, lipgloss or even eye pencil, draw a moustache above your upper lip and snap a picture. 
  2. Upload the picture on your own Pinterest board. For your participation to translate into a donation, you must use the hashtag #AnnabelleMovember in the Pin description and tell us which Annabelle product was used to draw your moustache. Annabelle will repin your picture onto her own Annabelle Pinterest “#AnnabelleMovember Mo Sistas2012” board and donate one dollar ($1) for every valid picture.

To sum it all up: They commit the cash, you supply the moustache.

Here is my contribution on Pinterest:

Ladies, you have to admit … you can’t wait ’til your dude shaves off his ‘stache, huh!


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