What are the Nail Trends for 2013?

Patterns, prints, texture and colours on nails have been a huge trend lately!
I attended a L’Oreal nail event with celebrity manicurist, Tom Bachik to get the details on what’s hot in 2013.

Tom Bachik started off as a skateboarder and turned into a nail artist or as he calls himself, a MANicurist! Some of his clients include Anne Hathaway, Beyoncè, Zooey Deschanel, Mila Kunis, and Jennifer Lopez. He actually flew straight from Miami to our event as he was there filming JLo’s music video.

Here is what Tom has shared with us:

Full Coverage Nude:
“Just like nude shoes elongates the legs, nude nail polish elongates the fingers.”

Upscale Texture:
“… Upscale textures are ‘in’ featuring dimension, highlights/lowlights and shimmer.”

“Matte nails have been seen all over the red carpet.”

Deep Rich Tones
 “… are not relegated to winter months or red carpets. Colours like a mysterious navy blue, classy greige, and seductive purple  ̶  are perfect picks.”

 L’Oreal Paris is current with this year’s trends. Here are some of their new nail products for 2013:

{New shades}

 {Top Coats}

 {Nail Lingerie}


{Press-On Couture}

This event was very interactive. As Tom Bachik was sharing the trends, we were able to try on some of these new products first hand!

Colour Riche Nail Colour in shades: Greyt Expectations (greige) and Papparazzi Pleaser
Colour Riche Nail Lingerie: Razzle Be Dazzle

Here are a few more NAIL TIPS I gathered from Tom Bachik:

  • Use a makeup brush and dip it into nail polish remover. Use this to clean up your nail polish
  • It’s best to let your base coat dry for one minute before applying the colour
  • Angle your nail polish brush higher if you are covering a small nail
  • Bubbling occurs due to open draft or coats applied close together

Thank you L’Oreal Canada and Cowan & Company for inviting me to this interactive event!

Tom Bachik, it was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful red carpet nail tips!

Review & thoughts about these products to come.
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