L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

Price:  $16.99
Size: 27 ml (0.9 oz)
Shades: 12 shades (light to medium-dark skin tones)

To apply:

  • Before applying, shake the bottle to mix the formula.
  • L’Oreal recommends using your fingers to apply rather than a foundation brush. Ensure you have clean fingers so you do not transfer dirt and oil onto your skin.
  • Once you apply one layer, I suggest going back to apply a second on areas that need more coverage (i.e., acne scars) by dabbing it on with your finger. I continue to dab and build on top until I get the desired coverage and it blends well into my skin.
  • This product dries to powder so there is no need to apply a powder over to set the foundation.


  • glides on
  • transform into a powdery finish (liquid-powder formula)
  • no make-up feel

My Observations:

  • I’m not a huge fan of applying foundation with my fingers. But applying this foundation, wasn’t too bad. Like any other foundation, you just have to work fast before the foundation dries to avoid streak marks.
  • The consistency is very liquidy and more product comes out then what I intend. If it was a pump bottle, I think it would help control the amount of product coming out.
  • The coverage is a light to medium matte coverage. I think it’s a great foundation for an everyday wear to even out the skin tone and cover any light scars or imperfection. However, I do not recommend this foundation if you are looking to cover a lot of acne.
  • This product does dry to powder and it gives such a beautiful finish to the skin. With a combination skin type (oily t-zone), applying a powder on top is not necessary.
  • My skin feels very smooth and the foundation feels extremely lightweight as if I’m not wearing anything at all.
  •  This contains SPF 18. Great for everyday wear to protect yours skin from the UV rays.

Shade: Sun Beige

no face primer applied underneath
no powder applied over to set
 Foundation faded a tad bit (you can see the acne scar on my chin a bit more)
Nose and area above my eyebrow got a bit oily
Skin still looked quite even

I have received so many compliments on the appearance of my skin whenever I wear this foundation.  With the lightweight feel and natural, smooth finish I would recommend this foundation for those who want a light to medium coverage everyday foundation. My skin gets moderately oily on my nose and center of my forehead, but I found I didn’t need to powder over this foundation. However, if your skin gets extremely oily, I would recommend lightly powder in those areas or where a face primer underneath.

 Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?


    1. charlene nikky says

      I don’t ever wear foundation because it tends to break me out. However, this is one makes me really curious to try it. Have heard so many great things about, not to mention its a drug store product. Thats awesome 🙂

      xoxo, charlene

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