Fave Tools for a Brow Makeover

Make-up Forever Aqua Brow (waterproof) – long-lasting & natural-looking on the brow; only need a tiny bit
L’Oreal MAGICLUMI Concealer – apply a bit under the brow to clean-up the shape and to help lift and brighten up the eyes
bdellium 733 (eyebrow spooly) – brush the brows in-place before and after you apply your product; this will also help dispurse the product throughout your brows.
bdellium 766 (angled liner brush) – use this to lightly apply the product to your brows. Start off in the center of your brows and fill in the areas that are sparse. With whatever is left on the brush, lightly fill in the front of your brows for softer, natural-looking brows. 

TIP: The thicker and fuller your brows, the more youthful you look!  
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