INSIDE SCOOP: Marcelle for Thyme Maternity Skin Care

Are you an expectant mother, a new mom or know someone who is? I have exciting news to share with you!

Marcelle Cosmetics and Thyme Maternity have partnered up to create a skin care line targeted for moms-to-be and new moms. Marcelle for Thyme Maternity Skin Care will be launching at Thyme Maternity stores near you on November 5, 2015!

Marcelle for Thyme Maternity Skin Care

Being a new mom myself, I’m so thrilled for this collaboration (see my Instagram account where I sneak in a few baby photos here and there :P)! While I was pregnant I read that there are certain ingredients to avoid in skin care products to help prevent pregnancy complications and birth defects. Salicylic acid, retinol, and oxybenzone to name a few, are very common in many of our daily skin care products but are recommended to be avoided when pregnant or breastfeeding as a precaution. With already being careful with what I was eating, I didn’t want to add skin care ingredients to the list of “what not to do/wear/eat when pregnant”. This discouraged me and I must admit, resulted in me not really using many skin care products during my pregnancy (thank goodness for that pregnancy glow!).

With already being a fan of Marcelle’s skin care products, I would have totally gone out to buy the Marcelle for Thyme Maternity Skin Care line while I was pregnant. Marcelle is a brand that I trust and can rely on with its hypoallergenic and fragrance-free products (gaaawd knows how sensitive we are to scents while pregnant … gag!).

Thankfully it’s not too late for me to use this line as they also have products for post-pregnancy. Heck … pregnant, post-pregnant or not…anyone can really use these products for various reasons (stretch marks, unfortunately, can appear on anyone)! This would be a wonderful gift idea for a mom-to-be, by the way! 😉

Here is what Marcelle for Thyme Maternity Skin Care has to offer:

Stretch Mark Triple Action Cream – $28 CDN

To prevent or reduce the look of stretch marks we should keep our skin hydrated from day one — the day we find out we are pregnant (even though we don’t see that baby bump yet)! This product improves the skin’s elasticity and provides hydration to the skin. It is non-sticky and fragrance-free. I would recommend not only focusing on applying this on your belly, but also on your thighs, sides of your breasts and back, and triceps … pretty much any part of your body prone to stretching! For me, post-pregnancy, I find I can still benefit from this product as I find areas where I have stretch marks still need that extra hydration and suppleness.

Marcelle - stretch mark triple action cream 


Facial Moisturizer – Anti-imperfection + Radiance – $25

Ah, I wish I had this when I was pregnant. Although many are blessed with the “pregnancy glow”, we do need that extra radiance and hydration which this product can provide. This product also has properties which help prevent uneven skin tone and diminish fine lines.

Marcelle_Facial Moisturizer – Anti-imperfection + Radiance 

Moisturizing Body Oil – $20 CDN

I find best applied on damp skin after you get out of the shower, this product keeps your skin soft and hydrated to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This non-greasy product can be used in conjunction with the Stretch Mark Triple Action Cream or you can use the cream in the morning and the oil at night (or vice versa). Gently massage this oil in circular motions on your belly, side of breasts, thighs, butt, biceps and back (anywhere prone to stretching) to let it absorb into the skin.

 Marcelle_Moisturizing Body Oil

Lifting and Firming Cream – Bust and Body -$25 CDN

This product tones and firms the skin. We all know what happens to our body post-pregnancy and post-breastfeeding! LOL!

Marcelle_lLifting and Firming Cream – Bust and Body

Nursing Nipple Balm – $15 CDN

Any new mom would be thankful for this product! We all know how much we nurse during the first few weeks after baby is born (and during their growth spurts)! This product is lanolin-free and contains shea butter, sunflower oil, and vitamin E to help soothe the sore nipples and reduce redness. This is also safe for the baby. Gently massage this on your sore nipples after breastfeeding.

Marcelle_Nursing Nipple Balm


** All of these products are:


Gluten Free

Paraben Free

Perfume Free

Recognized Skin Health - CDA


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the launch event for this new skin care line. Below is a photo of my baby and I with Roxane Liboiron, VP of Marketing of Thyme Maternity (left) and Geneviève Clermont, R&D Director of Marcelle Cosmetics (right) — the two women behind the idea of creating Marcelle for Thyme Maternity Skin Care!

Marcelle Thyme Maternity Launch Event

Keep an eye out on Cityline for the segment of this launch event. You may see my baby have her first television appearance! haha 

Thank you Marcelle & Thyme Maternity for creating a line of products to address the skin care needs of pregnant and post-pregnant women!

Marcelle for Thyme Maternity Skin Care will be in Thyme Maternity stores on November 5, 2015!



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