{Beauty Panel} How Will You Incorporate the Colour of the Year In Your Beauty Routine?

The second Beauty Panel challenge is up just in time for St. Patrick’s day!

Products used:

Base Coat/Top Coat/Nail Strengthener – Pro FX  Complete 3
Nail polish – China Glaze Watermelon Rind

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Yummy Christmas Nails

I know this sounds weird, but everytime I look at my pinky nail, I just want to eat it! lol
Why you ask? Well here’s a photo:

It just looks like a yummy, minty candy cane!

Colours used:
China Glaze – China Rouge
L’Oreal – French Tip White

How’d I do it?

I used the “water-marble method“.
To be honest with you … it took many tries to get the pattern that I wanted.
That’s why my pinky finger is stained with red! HAHA

I’ve seen videos on YouTube on it for a few years now and decided to finally give it a try for Christmas. The concept sounds simple:

  1. Put room temperature water in a container (big enough to fit your finger in it).
  2. Paint all your nails the base colour you desire. 
  3. Choose your desired nail polish colours to create the marble pattern.
  4. Drop each colour in the water in the order you prefer – it will look like a bull’s eye.
  5. Take a toothpick to swirl and create the pattern you want.
  6. Quickly choose the area of the pattern you like and dip your nail into it.
  7. Blow the water to dry the rest of the nail polish around your finger.
  8. Take a toothpick to quickly stir up the dried polish from the water.
  9. Remove your finger and voila, the pattern has now transferred on to your nail.

Sounds easy right?

Well, there are few things you will have to consider:

  • Nail polish will not only go on your nail but on your skin. In videos, I’ve seen some people tape around each nail before starting. I have also seen some people use lotion around their nail. I used the lotion method because I needed the tape for gift-wrapping! HAHA
  • It doesn’t really work if you have old nail polish that has thickened. The nail polish doesn’t spread as fast in the water. This results in the nail polish drying TOO fast in the water and you are unable to make any patterns. I had to add a bit of my nail polish thinner to thin out my old polish. 
Taking forever to drop in the water because it’s too thick
The white polish is so thick that it didn’t even spread into a bigger circle in the water

  • YOU MUST BE QUICK! The nail polish dries fast. So before dropping the different nail polishes in the water, unscrew all the lids first so you can work quick. 
  • When dipping your nail in, dip your finger all the way in, don’t stay close to the surface of the water. I found a couple of times I did that and the colours meshed into one with no swirly pattern.
  • I’m not sure if the container you fill with water must be glass or not, but I just used a plastic container.

As my main fallback was the old polish, it was a bit more difficult for me to get the desired look.  It took more than twenty tries until I was happy with what I got. My intention was to do all my nails but it just came to the point where I was too tired, so I just did my two pinky nails and then painted the rest of my nails red. HAHAHA I also decided to use CLEAR nail polish instead of white polish for the marble effect since I already painted the base of my nail white. It worked out much better since it wasn’t too thick which resulted in the cool marble effect on my pinky nail.

LOL, this is my reaction when it didn’t work! haha

I will attempt this water-marble nail art again but with newer nail polish and see what I come up with. The next time I try it, I’ll show photos for step-by-step instruction.

Have you tried this cool marble effect before? What was your experience like?

Hope you are enjoying your holidays! =)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

We have 12 more days until Christmas and to get into the holiday spirit, I decided to paint my nails this lovely shimmery green!

It’s nice to ‘re-visit’ my nail polishes! I bought this China Glaze polish a while ago and when I put it on my nails the other day, I fell in love with it all over again! 🙂