{Beauty Panel} Canada Day Nails


It is Canada Day long weekend and to celebrate our nation’s 146th birthday, here is a nail look to show everyone how proud we are to be Canadian!

With this look, I tried to emulate a Canadian flag with three of my fingers. With the remaining fingers, rather than leaving it solid red, I thought I would add a pattern to keep the look unique.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the proper nail tools! I’m going to show you how I created this look with things you can find at home!

  • To create a triangle on your thumb and pinky, use two pieces of tape. This will act as a guide/stencil and ensure your lines are straight.
  • If you don’t have a dotting tool to create the polka dots, use a ballpoint pen. Drop a bit of your nail polish on a piece of paper or Styrofoam plate and dip your pen into the red polish. Apply dots where desired.

  • To create the ends of the flag (pointer finger and ring finger), you can freehand the white line and fill it in. An alternative is using your trusty tape as a guide.

  •  If you don’t have a nail brush that has long, thin, but dense bristles to draw on the maple leaf, print a small maple leaf from the computer, cut it out, and paint over it with your red nail polish.
  • To apply the maple leaf on your nail, use your clear nail polish as glue. Dab a bit on your nail and gently place the maple leaf on it. Ensure you push down the edges of the maple leaf to keep it secure. 

  •  Add a topcoat to all your nails. This will make your patterns smooth as well as add a protective layer to help make your polish last longer.

    {Products used}

    • Essie in “A-List” 
    • Revlon Nail Art Expressionist in “Night & Degas” 
    • Pro FX Complete 3 Top Coat, Base Coat
    • Nail Strengthener 
    • Scissors 
    • Ballpoint Pen 
    • Tape 
    • Tiny print out of maple leaf

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      {Beauty Panel} How to Wear Pastel Colours

      Pastel colours are definitely in right now!

      One way to wear this retro-inspired trend is to pair pastel with a neutral shade, whether you are wearing this colour on your eyes or on your nails. Toning down the pastel colour with a neutral colour is an excellent way to pull off this trend without looking like you are stuck in the 1980s!

      My favourite pastel colour is mint green. One of the ways I like to wear it is by adding a hint of this colour to the tips of my nails. To make this look even more trendy, instead of creating a regular French tip, I create what I call a “chevron” French tip. I like to pair the mint green with a sandy beige base colour so it’s easy to wear with any outfit.

      {Products used}: 

      • Pro FX Complete 3 Top Coat
      • Base Coat and Nail Strengthener
      • L’Oréal Nail Polish in “Walk on the Beach” 
      • Essie Nail Polish in “Mint Candy Apple”


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