What are the Nail Trends for 2013?

Patterns, prints, texture and colours on nails have been a huge trend lately!
I attended a L’Oreal nail event with celebrity manicurist, Tom Bachik to get the details on what’s hot in 2013.

Tom Bachik started off as a skateboarder and turned into a nail artist or as he calls himself, a MANicurist! Some of his clients include Anne Hathaway, Beyoncè, Zooey Deschanel, Mila Kunis, and Jennifer Lopez. He actually flew straight from Miami to our event as he was there filming JLo’s music video.

Here is what Tom has shared with us:

Full Coverage Nude:
“Just like nude shoes elongates the legs, nude nail polish elongates the fingers.”

Upscale Texture:
“… Upscale textures are ‘in’ featuring dimension, highlights/lowlights and shimmer.”

“Matte nails have been seen all over the red carpet.”

Deep Rich Tones
 “… are not relegated to winter months or red carpets. Colours like a mysterious navy blue, classy greige, and seductive purple  ̶  are perfect picks.”

 L’Oreal Paris is current with this year’s trends. Here are some of their new nail products for 2013:

{New shades}

 {Top Coats}

 {Nail Lingerie}


{Press-On Couture}

This event was very interactive. As Tom Bachik was sharing the trends, we were able to try on some of these new products first hand!

Colour Riche Nail Colour in shades: Greyt Expectations (greige) and Papparazzi Pleaser
Colour Riche Nail Lingerie: Razzle Be Dazzle

Here are a few more NAIL TIPS I gathered from Tom Bachik:

  • Use a makeup brush and dip it into nail polish remover. Use this to clean up your nail polish
  • It’s best to let your base coat dry for one minute before applying the colour
  • Angle your nail polish brush higher if you are covering a small nail
  • Bubbling occurs due to open draft or coats applied close together

Thank you L’Oreal Canada and Cowan & Company for inviting me to this interactive event!

Tom Bachik, it was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful red carpet nail tips!

Review & thoughts about these products to come.
Feel free to follow me on Twitter for live updates: @makeupbytess

Revlon Nail Art Expressionist

Oh how the “Magic of Makeup” makes you feel so giddy!

What a great event, I attended this evening, hosted by Revlon at Barchef in Toronto. They shared some of their new products that will be available in stores this Summer 2013. (Can May & June come any faster!!?)

The night was full of new products, great company, mini cupcakes, drinks, h’orderves,  tarot card readings and nail polish!

Leeanne Colley, Revlon Nail Expert, and her team from Tips Nails Bar treated their guests with a manicure. Getting a fresh new mani by Tips Nails Bar was my favourite part of the night. I’ve always wanted to pay a visit to their salon as I’ve heard and seen some of their great work!

When it was my turn to get my nails done, the nail artist, Oksana, asked me what colour I would like to wear. Going through the colour selection, it was really tough to decide. Revlon has a great selection of Revlon Nail Art Expressionist colours (see colours) and it was hard to narrow it down!

Inspired by Leanne Colley’s look from the FW’13 Lucian Matis fashion show, I decided to choose black & white — sophisticated and chic.

Here is the final product:

Matte Black Open Moon Mani with White Strips
I love it so much! 
I just wanted to tweet/instagram/blog about it when I got home!!
Thanks Revlon for a wonderful evening!

Marcelle & Annabelle’s Beauty Premier Event

Last week I attended a Spring 2012 launch event hosted by the well-known Canadian cosmetic brands — Marcelle and Annabelle Cosmetics.

This trendy cocktail party was held at the Rooftop Lounge of the Thompson Hotel to show us a sneak peek of their new products launching next Spring 2012. We also had the opportunity to mix and mingle with the people working behind the Marcelle and Annabelle products! 🙂

What a gorgeous view of the city on the rooftop

The dress code was “urban chic” which caused an exciting stir amongst some of us Toronto Beauty Bloggers on Twitter!

“Omg, what am I going to wear?”
“Got my outfit for the #BeautyPremier!”
“What are you going to wear!?”

It was the most anticipated launch party I have attended thus far and I must say it definitely exceeded my expectations!

Not only did they serve hor d’oeuvres on a platter, but they served make-up too! I was very impressed … and excited! I mean, who else does that? 😛

Another thing that impressed me was their lipgloss lab! We got to create our own lipglosses which was a such a fun experience!

How did it work?

There was a gloss colour wheel on display and each colour had a letter. We were to choose 4-6 colours and hand the colour combo to the ‘lipgloss chemists’ and wish for the best!  (You don’t understand how nervous I was for the outcome! I was afraid my colour choices would look like mud. lol)

The three glosses on the bottom right (photo above) are my creation! lol

The gloss on the far left is actually created by spelling out my name: T E S S
(Thanks to Jill (http://jillojello.com) for that idea!

Are you curious to see what Annabelle and Marcelle have in store for us for Spring 2012? 

Here’s a sneak peek:

Marcelle – Xtension Plus Mascara (lengthening)
Marcelle – BB Cream (the craze right now!)
 Marcelle Gene Youth Skincare  – Eye cream, Day cream and Night cream

Marcelle – Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover
 Annabelle – The Big Show Lipglosses (12 shades)
Already in stores:
Annabelle Smudge Paints (beauty lover favourite)

Annabelle – Glitterama Eyeliner (8 colours)
[Sorry, I don’t have a photo :S]

There were so many beauty bloggers and make-up artists at this event. It was great to see a lot of familiar faces!

 Left to right:
Fiona (Fiona Man), Tess, and Donna Marie (MakeupByDonnaMarie)
 Left to right:
Abigail (wellrounded.me), Olivia (TheCheapGirl), Elaine (TOBeautyReviews), Farah (FacesByFarah), and Tess

Tess and Donna Marie (MakeupByDonnaMarie)
 Donna Marie (MakeupByDonnaMarie), Lisa Marie (Beauty Crazed), and Fiona (Fiona Man)

 The photo above is of me with the lovely Isabel, Social Media and PR Director of Marcelle and Annabelle
Doesn’t she look stunning?
Hair & make-up done by MakeupByDonnaMarie!
(I also did Isabel’s hair and make-up for her sister-in-law’s wedding when she was in Toronto. Check it out here!)
Well … don’t mind if I do!
One last take before heading off for the night! lol
On our way out we got a swag bag! 🙂
Unfortunately, the bag I received didn’t have all the new products launching. 🙁
But at least I get to try their new lipgloss and mascara and the other products in the bag! 😀
 Thanks Isabel, Marcelle and Annabelle for hosting this wonderful event! 
You probably noticed from our tweets that night, that all the Toronto Beauty Bloggers had an amazing time!

Sneak Peek: Lise Watier’s New Skincare Line

In the beginning of November, I was invited to attend the launch event for Lise Watier’s new Anti-Aging skincare line — Age Control Supreme to stop the clock.

This new skin care line will be in stores on January 2012, but here … you’ll get a sneak peek! Yay!

This event was held at the clean, white, modern venue — Andrew Richard Designs in Downtown, Toronto.

When I arrived, they began their  presentation on the ingredients and the benefits of these new products.

Crystal Day Elixir

15 ml
$45 CAD
serum with micro diamond flex used during the day
results: moisturizes and tightens skin

La Creme (Day and Night)

50 ml
$78 CAD
rich cream (no spf)
results: improved firmness & visibility;
skin appears more plump & smooth
 Black Night Elixir
15 ml
$45 CAD
serum with micro diamond flex used at night
serum is black but disappears instantly once applied
results: moisturizes & revitalizes skin  overnight

Are you curious to know how this anti-aging skin care line is different from all the rest?
Well, they have a secret ingredient – Labrador tea extract – shhhh!

Labrador Tea (Ledum groenlandicum) leaves found in Canada’s boreal forest

For hundreds of years, Labrador tea was used to treat burns, chapped skin and skin inflammation. After five years of research, Lise Watier and researchers from Universie du Quebec at Chicoutimi teamed up to develop these anti-aging products. Respecting  the environment, these leaves are picked by hand.

During the event, they had delicious hors d’oeuvres and served tea … actual Labrador tea! 
It was very yummy!

Labrador Tea (aka Ledum tea)
I also saw some fellow beauty bloggers — Farah (FacesByFarah),  Joyce (SparklyPlayground), and finally had a chance to meet the wonderful, Lisa Marie (BeautyCrazed).

Left to right:
Joyce (SparklyPlayground), Farah (FacesByFarah), Tess, and Rachel (PR for Lise Watier)
*photo courtesy of Joyce (SparklyPlayground)

After the presentation, we had the opportunity to mingle and speak to the Lise Watier team who contributed to this new anti-aging line. It was very informative as we were able to go straight to the source when asking questions and testing out the products.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Lise Watier herself. She is such an alluring woman who is so beautiful and down-to-earth. 

Left to right:
Tess, Joyce (SparklyPlayground), Lise Water
*photo courtesy of Joyce (SparklyPlayground)

Do you want to know what Lise Watier’s beauty secret is to staying beautiful?
Check out Joyce’s YouTube video () of her interview with Lise Watier.
(I was the one filming the interview! lol)

Lise Watier is truly inspiring.

On our way out there were tasty Ledum tea cookies and a swag bag for each of us to take home.


Guess what was in my swag bag!? Or shall I say swag BOX!?

I was pretty excited to take home the new products! Even a bag of the Ledum tea leaves! 
I know I already have a baby face (ahh chubby cheeks & genes), but I still can’t wait to try these products out. 
Although I don’t have any signs of anti-aging (yet), it’s still a great preventative product line!
Hmmm … or maybe I’ll be nice and just give it to my mom to try!
Thanks Lise Watier and Rachel for inviting me to this informative event!
Remember, the new anti-aging line launches in January 2012.
Check it out at a store near you!

Oh btw, if you want a great concealer and contouring palette, try Lise Watier’s colour wheel palette.
It definitely works wonders!
Check out my post & video with Mila Victoria to see for yourself! 🙂
Workshop with Mila Victoria

Thanks for reading!