{Beauty Panel} How to Choose a Nude Lip Colour

Wearing a nude lip is a great compliment to a smoky eye. But choosing the right nude lip shade can be a little tricky. A nude shade for you may not be the same nude shade as your best friend. It’s all about complimenting your skin tone. There are hundreds of nude shades out there to suit each person’s skin tone. But if the wrong shade is chosen, you could look washed out.
Here are a few tips on how to choose & wear the perfect nude lip shade:
  • If you are fair-skinned, choose shades that have a soft pink-beige undertone.
  • If you are medium to olive skinned, choose a rose-pink-beige or peach undertone.
  • If you are dark-skinned, choose a caramel/bronze or berry undertone.
  • Don’t choose a shade that is lighter than your skin colour. This can give you a washed out appearance.
  • If you find that your lip pigmentation can be a bit uneven or dark, you can always neutralize it by first applying concealer (same colour as your skin) to your lips as a base before applying the lipstick.
  • When wearing a nude lip, wear blush to help brighten up the face.

I have medium to olive skin. One of my favourite nude lipsticks is Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTÉ – Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 in #3 (Ultimate Beige). It has a rosey, mauve undertone to compliment my skin.

{Products used}:

  • Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 in “Ultimate Beige (#3)”

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Hope my tips helped! Good luck!

{Beauty Panel} Canada Day Nails


It is Canada Day long weekend and to celebrate our nation’s 146th birthday, here is a nail look to show everyone how proud we are to be Canadian!

With this look, I tried to emulate a Canadian flag with three of my fingers. With the remaining fingers, rather than leaving it solid red, I thought I would add a pattern to keep the look unique.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the proper nail tools! I’m going to show you how I created this look with things you can find at home!

  • To create a triangle on your thumb and pinky, use two pieces of tape. This will act as a guide/stencil and ensure your lines are straight.
  • If you don’t have a dotting tool to create the polka dots, use a ballpoint pen. Drop a bit of your nail polish on a piece of paper or Styrofoam plate and dip your pen into the red polish. Apply dots where desired.

  • To create the ends of the flag (pointer finger and ring finger), you can freehand the white line and fill it in. An alternative is using your trusty tape as a guide.

  •  If you don’t have a nail brush that has long, thin, but dense bristles to draw on the maple leaf, print a small maple leaf from the computer, cut it out, and paint over it with your red nail polish.
  • To apply the maple leaf on your nail, use your clear nail polish as glue. Dab a bit on your nail and gently place the maple leaf on it. Ensure you push down the edges of the maple leaf to keep it secure. 

  •  Add a topcoat to all your nails. This will make your patterns smooth as well as add a protective layer to help make your polish last longer.

    {Products used}

    • Essie in “A-List” 
    • Revlon Nail Art Expressionist in “Night & Degas” 
    • Pro FX Complete 3 Top Coat, Base Coat
    • Nail Strengthener 
    • Scissors 
    • Ballpoint Pen 
    • Tape 
    • Tiny print out of maple leaf

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      {Beauty Panel} How to Wear Pastel Colours

      Pastel colours are definitely in right now!

      One way to wear this retro-inspired trend is to pair pastel with a neutral shade, whether you are wearing this colour on your eyes or on your nails. Toning down the pastel colour with a neutral colour is an excellent way to pull off this trend without looking like you are stuck in the 1980s!

      My favourite pastel colour is mint green. One of the ways I like to wear it is by adding a hint of this colour to the tips of my nails. To make this look even more trendy, instead of creating a regular French tip, I create what I call a “chevron” French tip. I like to pair the mint green with a sandy beige base colour so it’s easy to wear with any outfit.

      {Products used}: 

      • Pro FX Complete 3 Top Coat
      • Base Coat and Nail Strengthener
      • L’Oréal Nail Polish in “Walk on the Beach” 
      • Essie Nail Polish in “Mint Candy Apple”


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        {Beauty Panel} Summer Beauty

        If you are like me, you would love to appear above the clear turquoise waters exactly as how you entered: fresh-faced and makeup right where you applied it! But many of you know, this is rarely the case! Even if you avoid the water, after spending a day outdoors in the hot, humid weather, makeup can transfer or melt off.

        Here are some tips for waterproof, sweat-proof, sun-proof beauty:

        • To prevent your skin from getting shiny on a hot day, wear a primer or matifyer, such as, Make Up For Ever All Mat primer. To protect your skin from the harsh UV rays, wear an oil-free moisturizer with SPF, such as Marcelle Essentials Oil-Free Multi-Defense Lotion SPF 15. Sometimes I like to mix the SPF moisturizer in with my foundation for a sheer foundation coverage with the UV protection.
        • If you’re spending the day in the water, I would recommend Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow in #22E and #28E. Cream eyeshadows will definitely last longer than powder in the water. And say goodbye to raccoon eyes with Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow. I have used this as eyeliner and it survived during both my hot yoga classes and swimming sessions!
        • Wear a lip balm with SPF. My new favourite is Carmex Moisture Plus with SPF 15. But if you decide to wear lipstick, choose a matte formula such as Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate.
        • Set your makeup with a setting spray, such as Urban Decay All Nighter Longer-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.
        • If you’ve started sweating, touching up your face with powder can cause clogged pores. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets are a better way to reduce the shine: just dab the blotting sheet over areas that tend to get oily.


         Testing my make-up in the pool:

        ^^ Such an attractive photo! 😛
        After an hour of swimming, this is what my make-up looked like after I showered:

        {Products used}: 

        • Carmex Moisture Plus with SPF 15
        • Marcelle Essentials Oil-Free Multi-Defense Lotion SPF 15 
        • Make Up For Ever All Mat Primer
        • Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in “#153”
        • Make up For Ever Aqua Brow Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector in “#25” 
        • Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow 
        • Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow in “#22E and #28E” 
        • Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in “#06” 
        • Urban Decay All Nighter Longer-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
        • Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate in “#110”

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          {Beauty Panel} Tips on Wedding Make-up Application

          Makeup application for weddings is slightly different compared to your everyday makeup. The wedding day, whether it’s your special day or someone else’s close to you, is a busy and long-filled day. Whether you are getting your makeup done by an artist or DIYing it yourself, here are some tips to ensure you get the best wearing power from your look:

          • Take care of your skin leading up to the wedding day: drink lots of water, exfoliate, tone and moisturize.
          • For hot spring/summer wedding days, to ensure your foundation doesn’t melt off your face, apply a face primer, like Cover FX Skin Prep Nourishing Foundation Primer. Not only does this act as a great base for a smoother foundation application, it keeps the oils in for a long lasting finish.
          • To avoid eye shadow from creasing due to the oils and heat, apply an eyelid primer to your eyes, Urban Decay Primer Potion. This increases the staying power of your eye shadow as well as makes the colours more vibrant.
          • Stay away from too much shimmer on the eyes, face, and lips. It’s not flattering in photos.
          • If you know you will get teary-eyed throughout the event, waterproof products are the way to go. Try using Make Up For Ever Waterfproof Cream Eyeshadow in “Aqua Black” as your eyeliner and L’Oréal Waterproof Volumunious mascara to pump up your lashes.
          • To avoid applying your lipstick too many times throughout the day, fill your lips in with lip liner to use as the lipstick base, L’Oreal Colour Riche Anti-Feathering Lip Liner. Apply a matte lipstick over it to increase the wear, Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate. Remember to moisturize your lips before applying the lip products; this will help prevent your lips from drying out.
          • To keep your makeup looking fresh all day, set it with a setting spray, Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Spray.
          • If you have an excellent makeup application, all you need to pop in your clutch is a lipstick and blotting sheets, Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets for minimal touch-ups throughout the day!
          • Remember, your makeup should only be an enhanced version of yourself. You want to look and feel beautiful and still look like YOU! 

           {Products used}: 

          • Cover FX Skin Prep Nourishing Foundation Primer & Anti-Aging Serum
          • Make Up For Ever HD Foundation “#155” 
          • Lise Watier Portfolio Correctors in “Light”
          • Make Up For Ever HD Powder
          • Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Spray
          • Urban Decay Primer Potion in “Eden” 
          • Shiseido Silky Eyeshadow Quad in “Q10 Desert Winds” 
          • Stila Smoky Eye Palette in “Black Shadow” 
          • Make Up For Ever Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow in “Aqua Black” 
          • L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in “Black” 
          • Smashbox Eyebeam Double-ended Brightener
          • Ardell False Lashes in “#128” 
          • DUO Lash Adhesive Waterproof 
          • L’Oreal Waterproof Voluminous Mascara 
          • Benefit Bronzer in “Hoola” 
          • M.A.C Blush in “Dainty” 
          • Estée Lauder Shimmering Jewel Powder 
          • EOS Lip Balm
          • L’Oreal Colour Riche Anti-Feathering Lip Liner in “All About Pink” 
          • Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate in “102”

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          {Beauty Panel} How Would You Wear a Statement Lip?

          Bold statement lips are huge this season, but a unique way to sport this spring/summer trend is to wear an ombré lip. We have ombré hair and ombré nails, who said ombré lips can’t join the party?
          The lip look I’m wearing today is a wearable ombré lip: a dark pink colour on the outer edge of my lips gradually fade to a lighter pink towards the center. Not only is this lip cool-looking, it also gives an effect of fuller lips. (Ssshh! A best kept secret!)

          One of my tips for making this look long-lasting is to use lip liners or matte lipsticks. An alternative is to dab a tiny bit of powder over your lips to increase the staying power.

          {Products used}: 

          • Annabelle Twist Up in “Kinky Pink” 
          • M.A.C lipstick in “Angel”
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            {Beauty Panel} How to Apply Bronzer

            What do Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Lauren Conrad, and Jessica Alba all have in common? They all have a sun-kissed glow. Yes, they could have gone on vacation to Bali, Tahiti, or maybe just stepped outside their backyard to soak up some sun. But as we all may know, their signature look had the added touch of a bronzer a healthy way of adding a hint of sun without the harsh sun rays.

            Not only do bronzers create a beautiful glow, but it is also great for contouring to make certain features slimmer (face or nose) or to help certain features stand out (cheek bones).
            Because my skin tends to get a bit oily, I prefer using powder bronzers. My current fave is a popular one, “Hoola” by Benefit. Other bronzers on my rotation list are NARS “Laguna”and MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in “Dark”. All of these bronzers are matte and not very orange as looking like a shimmery Oompa Loompa is not very flattering.
            My skin is pretty tanned as it is. I like to add bronzer more for contouring my face, or shall I say my babyface (oh these cheeks!). Applying the bronzer with an angled contour powder brush or a small blush brush is my favourite tool to use.  Here I’m using a contour powder brush from Royal & Langnickel (BE13). 


            •  Choose a matte shade that is a shade or two darker than your natural skin colour.
            •  Suck in your cheeks to feel the hallow of your cheeks. This is where you should apply your bronzer to give your cheeks a slimmer look.
            • The angle of the application should be from the top of your ear to the corner of your mouth use a brush handle or pencil as a guideline to create this angle. Begin the application from the top (close to your hair line) towards your mouth but stop once you reach the iris of your eye. You don’t want to make the bronzer strip way too long or else you lose the effect of contouring.
            • Don’t forget to always blend as you don’t want it to look like you have a bacon strip on your face!
            • Whenever you contour, you must always highlight. I like using “Soft And Gentle” by MAC.
            • In between the highlight and contour is where the blush should be applied.
            • You may also apply bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face (forehead, jaw line, etc.)

            {Products used}:  

            • Benefit “Hoola” 
            • M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish in “Soft And Gentle” 
            • M.A.C Blush in “Dainty”

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            {Beauty Panel} Who is your Celebrity Hair + Make-up Inspiration?

            A celebrity I always look to for hair and make-up inspiration is Eva Longoria. Whenever I want a fresh ‘do, I tend to Google her name, save the photo on my phone and then show the hair dresser.

            One of my favourite hairstyles of hers is when she wears her hair down and curled:

             [Photo Credit: www.people.com]

            My hair is thick and layered and with the right tools and technique I’ve been able to recreate her look many times over. When I’m in a rush, I use both a hot roller set and a curling iron. A hot roller set is so quick and easy to use and the curling iron gives me more curl control.

            Here’s how I do it:

            1. Side part your hair and separate the front section of your hair on both your left and right side. (We will be curling this section with a curling iron later on.)
            2. Take a hot roller set and apply the rollers in different directions (some outwards away from the face and others downwards). Ensure that what you do on one side, you do on the other in order to keep the curls symmetrical.
            3. For this look, I prefer loose curls so the jumbo and super jumbo sized rollers do the trick! Because my hair is medium in length, I tend to just use the jumbo rollers. The super jumbo rollers do not give me as much of a curl for this look.
            4. Once the rollers have cooled off, take them out.
            5. Take your curling iron (1” – 1.5”) and curl the two front sections you kept aside. Curl your hair away from your face as it opens up your face and neck giving it a more flattering look.
            6. Once this is all done, get your favourite hairspray and spray away!
            7. To loosen up the curls, gently and lightly pull some of the curls straight. I don’t run my fingers through my hair because I don’t want to create more volume — my hair is already pretty thick! And there you have it, Eva Longoria-inspired curls!

             Not only does Eva’s hair styles inspire me, but her bronzed, natural makeup is also a look I like to emulate. Here’s a few quick makeup tips:

            • Some people have told me that they are afraid their eyes would look tired with this look because of the brown tones. To brighten up, use an off-white pencil (more natural than white) and rim the inner lower lash line. Also, a few coats of mascara will really help open up the eyes.
            •  To deepen up a bronzy, natural eye look, take a black eye shadow and apply a bit of it on the outer corner of the eyes and gently blend up.
            • If you are limited on products, take your matte bronzer and apply it to the hallows of your cheeks and then sweep it onto the crease of your eyes. This will help warm up those beautiful eyes. 


            {Products used}: 


            • Conair Xtreme Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Rollers
            • Palladium Ceramic by Jilbère de Paris
            • L’Oréal Paris Elnette Satin Hairspray
            • Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer in “Medium” 
            • Cover FX Matte Fx in “Medium” 
            • M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish “Sunny by Nature” 
            • Urban Decay eyeshadow in “Twice Baked” 
            • Stila Smokey Eye Palette in “Black” 
            • Nars Eyeshadow Duo in “Surabaya” 
            • M.A.C Fluidline eyeliner in “Blacktrack” 
            • Physicians Formula Eye Booster in “Ultra Black” 
            • Annabelle Expandable Mascara
            • M.A.C Lipliner in “Dune” 
            • L’Oréal Colour Riche Lipstick in “Golden Splendor”

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              {Beauty Panel} Easy Tips on How To Apply False Lashes

              I can understand why putting on lashes can be a terrifying process. Glue close to your eyes? Yuck! The possibility of having spider-looking-things hanging down your cheeks as you dance the night away? Not flattering!

              My ultimate favourite false lashes are by Ardell. They are 100% human hair, lightweight and reusable. The ones with the invisible lash band are most ideal as they look very natural. My usual go-to is “#110” and my new found fave is “#128.” Both give length to the lashes and the perfect amount of volume — just enough added oomph to enhance your eyes and make you feel beautiful.

              Here are a few of my helpful, non-messy tips to enhance those fluttering lashes of yours:

              • For beginners, try applying only half a strip of lashes instead of a full strip. To do this, simply cut the lash band in half. It’s an easier application and if you apply the half-lashes to the outer corner of your eyes, you can still achieve the sultry, cat-eye look.
              • Before applying your false lashes, measure them. Ensure they don’t go past the outer corner of your eyes as it can give the illusion of droopy eyes. Then cut the lash band to the correct length.
              • When applying the false lashes, use waterproof glue. My favourite is Duo Eyelash Adhesive. QUO has a latex-free glue for those allergic to latex.
              • To avoid the messy glue application, put a bit of glue on the back of your hand. After 30 seconds, use a toothpick and dip it into the lash glue and then apply it to the base of the lash band. This will help avoid the huge globs of glue that sometimes come out when you apply it directly from the tube.
              • Add a bit more glue to both ends of the lash band for added security.
              • When applying your lashes, stick the lash band to the center of your natural lash line. You can use tweezers if it’s easier. Then adjust both ends of the lash band to fit it into place. Push the outer corner of the lashes up to give your eyes a lift. This will help open up the eyes.
              • As the glue is drying, look down. Don’t close your eyes! You don’t want the glue to smoosh onto your lower lash line and make it feel like you glued your eyes shut.
              • Once the glue has dried (I suggest applying the rest of your makeup while you wait) apply a black or dark brown liquid, cream, or gel liner to the base of your lash line. This will hide the lash band as well as any imperfections to make your false lashes look like your own.
              • Add mascara if needed. Mascara will help fuse both your natural lashes and the false lashes together to make them indistinguishable. 

              Va va va voom! You are now ready to bat those lashes! Just remember to avoid rubbing your eyes!

              Photo: Juanito Aguil Photography

              {Products used}: 



              •  Ardell Fashion Lashes in “#128” 
              • Duo Eyelash Adhesive in “Dark-Tone” 
              • Tweezerman Tweezers
              • Eyebrow Scissors 
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              {Beauty Panel} How to Transition Your Hair from Day to Night

              The Beauty Panel on FashionMagazine.com was asked,

              “How do you transition your make-up and/or hair from day to night?”

              For this Beauty Panel challenge, I just wanted to focus on hair. For my daytime look, I show you my go-to  favourite hairstyle … the rope braid. This is a beautiful ‘do with minimal effort involved. It literally takes less than two minutes to do, but it looks like you spent waaaay longer. This style allows you to stay in bed longer in the morning and spend less time trying to get ready — and no one would ever know!

              If you have hair like mine, you can’t tie your hair during the day and then leave your hair down at night. My hair is just too thick & coarse and trying to flat iron the dent from the hair tie is just impossible for me! So…for my night look, I tend to wear my hair up as well. In this video, I show you how to create the popular & trendy top knot bun. Again, another gorgeous hair ‘do that is quick and simple to do.

              Products used:
              L’Oreal Elnett Satin – Lumiere Ultra Strong Hold
              Goody Ouchless Hair Ties
              Sally Beauty Bobby Pins – Meta Grip Premium Bob Pins in Black
              Boar Bristle Brush
              DIY Hair donut (black athletic sock)

              To see how the other Beauty Panellists transition their make-up and/or hair from day to night click here

              How do you transition your hair from day to night?

              Thanks for watching & stay tuned for the next Beauty Panel Challenge!