2011 IMATS Experience + Haul

IMATS is an annual weekend event that all make-up artists and beauty enthusiasts cannot wait for. Weeks before the event, beauty lovers are writing their lists and checking it twice and beauty bloggers share informative tips on how to have a great IMATS experience!
Not only is IMATS great for their amazing deals and discounted cosmetics, it is also a wonderful place to network — seeing beauty bloggers and meeting fellow make-up artists both beginners and experts who have been in the industry for many years! Bringing your business cards is a must as you never know what kind of opportunity can arise after speaking to someone.
Attending classes are a definite plus for this event. Expert make-up artists, such as, Eve Pearl, Koren Zander, Kevin James Bennett, etc. teach the tricks of the trade and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you will always learn something new!
This year IMATS was held on November 11th & 12th. This was my third year attending IMATS and as each experience has been different, it’s always inspiring!

The highlight of my IMATS experience this year is having the privilege of being Koren’s (EnkoreMakeup) model during his “Power of Colour” class. I was super excited (and nervous). He has been a true inspiration to me for a few years now and being on stage with him was such an honour.

Photo courtesy of Elaine (TOBeautyReviews)

Photo courtesy of Ruth

As mentioned in my video, I spent less than my budget this year! WOOHOO!
Here is what I purchased:
Feathered hair accessories at the Crystal Works booth
These were only $4 each!
Disposable rubber wands ($3.50 each) and lip brushes ($3 each) at Nigel Beauty Emporium
Parian Spirit brush cleaner from Alcone ($12.50 each)
 Thanks Fiona (Fiona Man’s channel) for getting these bottles for me and for your awesome product wars review!
NYX Nail polish ($2 each)
Left to right:
Gold Sparkle, Desert Rose, Cafe Au Lait
NYX Nail Art polish ($1 each)
Left to right:
Silver, Gold, Black Glitter
NYX Sharpener ($4)
Can you believe I didn’t purchase any make-up? I could not believe it either! But I didn’t really need anything!
Budget: $150!
Shout-outs to:
IMATS and Make-up Artist Magazine (@MakeupArtistmag) for another wonderful year.
Koren (EnkoreMakeup) – Thanks for asking me to be your model and doing a fantastic job on the make-up and class.
Elessa (Pursebuzz) – We didn’t get to do my hair tutorial! Maybe next time!?
Toronto Beauty Bloggers (www.torontobeautybloggers.com)– Great seeing most of you ladies! It was truly a better IMATS experience knowing more people in the industry.
Ruthie – Thanks for joining me for another year of IMATS! You are an amazing shopping partner. Thanks for taking the photos and video of Koren’s class too.
‘Til next year … Happy Savings for the next IMATS!

hmmm … 
maybe next time I’ll do IMATS LA or Vancouver or NYC!!! 
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WIN a Pari Beauty Gift Basket at IMATS Toronto

Do you love giveaways?
Will you be attending IMATS Toronto this weekend?

If you said “YES” to both of these questions, then you may have a chance to win a wonderful Pari Beauty gift basket valued at over $180! *Happy Dance*

Here are the details:

Pari Beauty is excited to announce an exclusive sweepstake ONLY for those attending the IMATS in Toronto on Nov 12th and 13th! 
Enter for your chance to win a gift basket valued at over $180!! 

A kit of Pari Beauty cosmetics and skin care products including:
1 Limited Edition Color Cubes High Pigment Mineral Powders
1 Five Eyeshadow Palette
1 Limited Edition Makeup Bag
1 Black Tie Collection
1 Precious Glow
1 Thickening and Lengthening Mascara
1 Lip Shine Lipgloss
1 Transforming Eye Gel
Total retail value of prize: $180.00+
Here’s how it works: 
Simply “Like” the Pari Beauty Facebook Fan Page and go to the sweepstake link on the left hand side of the Pari Beauty Facebook page to enter and view contest details and gift.
On Nov 12th and 13th you MUST check in with Pari Beauty (Booth #113 – previously noted #107) to complete a ballot for your name to be entered into the draw. We will be giving a gift basket away on both Sat Nov 12th and Sun Nov 13th. Winners will be announced at the end of each day and will be posted on Pari Beauty’s Facebook page!

Contest ends on Friday Nov 11th at 11:59 pm EST.


Good luck and see you all at IMATS!

MUFE Flash Palette

As many of you beauty bloggers/lovers know, IMATS Toronto is coming up in one week! (Yay!)

A few of you have been asking about the Make-up Forever Flash Palette and buying it at IMATS would be the perfect time to get it! Make-up Forever will be offering a discount of 40% off their products an offer that you cannot pass up!

I mentioned on Twitter that I have the palette and purchased it back during IMATS Toronto 2009 (blog post here). Buying the MUFE Flash Palette was at the top of my IMATS 2009 list as I heard many great things about it and it’s a must have in a make-up artist’s kit!

Prior to purchasing the MUFE Flash Palette, I was considering similar palettes from other brands such as, Ben Nye’s Lumiere palette and Kryolan Supra Colour palette. I walked around IMATS swatching and comparing prices, but the MUFE Flash Palette was the definite winner! It was way more pigmented than the rest.


Take a note book with you so you can record prices, swatch products, and write little notes to compare products. This will help you narrow products down if it’s hard for you to decide!

I mentioned on Twitter that there are certain colours that you cannot use on the eyes and lips. If you look at the back of the palette, it mentions which colours.

As you may notice, it says, “In the USA”. But what about if you purchased it outside of the US? Does that mean they use different ingredients in the US? I was reading blog posts about this and people’s assumptions were that maybe it’s because it dyes the skin. However, rather than assuming, I thought I should just ask the source — I emailed Make-up Forever.

Make-up Forever replied back to me in a timely manner (which I really appreciated) and this is what they have to say:

“Due to strict regulations in the US, certain product colours have specific usage guidelines that must be communicated to the US customer. The same regulations are not mandatory for the Canadian consumers. We welcome you to pass along either the US recommended product usage or to share with your readers how you like to use the product. The formulation for the Color Flash Palette is the same in both the US and Canada.”

So what I gather from this is that the palettes sold in Canada, USA, and any other countries have the same ingredients and formulation. It’s just in the US they have regulations that are more strict which means they may have to state in their packaging which colours should not be used on certain parts of the face. It is probably because these colours will most likely temporarily stain your skin. But I guess it’s really up to you and use it at your own discretion.

I have swatched the colours below so you can see how pigmented the product is (left). I tried to wipe off the product with a no-name wipe and you can see that after a few rubs, some of the colours are still visible. But please keep in mind that I used a no-name wipe and not make-up remover to try to remove the product from my arm.

Top Row (Left to Right): Gold, Coral (Do not apply near the eyes), Turquoise, Fuchsia (Do not apply near the eyes), Yellow, Brown
Bottom Row (Left to Right): Silver (Do not apply on lips), White (Do not apply on lips), Red (Do not apply near the eyes), Bright Blue (Do not apply on lips), Leaf Green, Black
Even though the packaging of the MUFE Flash Palette states which colours should not be used near the eyes and on the lips, I wouldn’t let it discourage you from purchasing this bright and pigmented palette. There are other products out there that temporarily stain the skin as well but they don’t state that. So this isn’t really any different in that sense. 
This palette can be used for various things — eye shadow, eye shadow base, lipstick, blush, foundation, concealer, etc. It’s also easy to mix colours to make your desired colour of choice! But please remember to set the product with a powder to keep it in place. I find without powder it can get a bit oily and move around.

I love using this palette for creatives! Here are a few photos of where I used some of the colours:

IMATS Toronto 2010

On Saturday November 6th, I attended IMATS in Toronto. For those of you who are unaware of this make-up event, it stands for the International Make-up Artist Trade Show hosted by Makeup Artist Magazine. This two-day event happens once a year at six different cities: Toronto, Sydney, London, Vancouver, New York, and Los Angeles (Pasadena). This year IMATS Toronto was held at the Toronto Congress Centre on Saturday, November 6th and Sunday, November 7th . IMATS was on the minds of many make-up artists and make-up enthusiats the past few weeks and we were so excited that the day was finally here! I was literally counting down the days . . .

I attended this event with my good friend, Ruth who joined me last year too! 🙂 Similar to last year, we woke up bright and early to arrive to the event before the doors opened. Once we arrived there was already a line forming by the door…

Luckily, once 8:30 am hit, the line of excited make-up lovers went through the doors and after that there was no line to be found for the entire day!

Once we got through the doors we did our usual round of walking first. Make-up Forever was already packed with people purchasing things from left, right and center! Make-up Forever was offering 40% off all their products which is such an awesome deal…way better than the make-up industry discount of 35% off! There were two things I was there to get so I thought I should get it at that time before things sold out. Unfortunately the HD Foundation #153 that I wanted to get was already sold out! SOLD OUT?? The doors literally opened less than 15 minutes before we got to their booth! I just left with the other item I intended to purchase – Aqua Black Cream Waterproof Eye Shadow (which I will use as eye liner).

I then purchased $2 lashes and a huge set of foundation sponges at Nigel Beauty Emporium.

Other items Ruth and I wanted to purchase were brushes. There were three busy booths which sold affordable brushes – Crown Brush, Royal Brush, and Cici Fashion Brush. Crown Brush was the craze again this year but because I purchased brushes from them last year as well as from Royal Brush, I decided to purchase brushes from Cici Fashion Brush this time. These brushes seemed even more affordable! I purchased four kabuki brushes for $4 each! Also purchased an eye shadow blending brush, smudge brush, retractable lip brush and eye liner brush. I spent under $25! How awesome is that??

Crown Brush

Another thing I purchased was Fast Lash from Alcone for $8. Ruth told me about a product similar to this a while ago and when she spotted Fast Lash I had to purchase one as well to give it a try. For those of you who have trouble applying false lashes or refuse to wear false lashes everyday, this product might be great for you! (I say might because I haven’t personally tried it yet. Once I do, I will definitely write a review!) This product claims to give you the look of long, thick lashes like false eye lashes would. This product is a white polyester fibre which adheres to wet mascara. So how it works is…you put a light coat of your mascara (any mascara will do!) and then put a coat of Fast Lash on the tips of your lashes. Next, apply a second coat of mascara. VOILA! Long, voluminous, luscious lashes! 🙂


The final thing I purchased was an airbrush set from OCC (Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics). They are known for their pigmented lip tars which I purchased at last year’s IMATS event.

I left this purchase to the last as I was going to all the vendors which carried airbrushing sets and asked the make-up artists the same questions just to get a feel for their particular airbrushing set and products. I purchased OCC’s airbrushing starter kit for many reasons. One was because it was more affordable than Temptu and the airbrush gun size (aperture) was bigger than Dinair’s. Also, it comes with a small size of all their foundations, blushes, correctors, shimmers, and primer which are water-based. This is great for all skin types especially sensitive skin. Temptu has silcone-based products which some people might be allergic to.  Second reason is that it comes with a small compressor with a bag which is lightweight and easy to travel with. It also comes with a battery pack and a cord.  Another reason why I purchased it was because of the wonderful service I got from the owner of OCC, David Klasfeld. He was very helpful and honest and wasn’t rushing me into buying his products. He told me to take my time and he patiently answered ALL of my questions! 🙂 I was also an inspiration to a new nailpolish colour which I’m hoping will actually be created! He asked for my business card and said he would contact me so I’m crossing my fingers that this is only the beginning!

David Klasfeld and I (www.occmakeup.com)
The OCC Airbrush Starter Set

For those of you who are YouTube make-up viewers, you may have known that a few well-known YouTube make-up GURUS attended this wonderful make-up event….Kandee Johnson, Koren (Enkoremakeup) and Elessa (Pursebuzz). Kandee Johnson and Koren both held seminars this day and the main stage was literally PACKED with fans! Unfortunately, this year I did not watch Koren’s seminar but I heard that Elissa was his model again this year and he taught make-up techniques and shared his tips and tricks.

I did, however, attend Kandee Johnson’s seminar and in person she is beautiful inside & out just as she is on her videos!!

Kandee gave away a few of her favourite products as she told everyone how her make-up career began and held a Q&A session. One thing I took out of Kandee’s seminar was….it doesn’t really matter what kind of make-up products you carry in your kit. It all depends on your skill & your technique. I totally agree with this! You don’t have to purchase every single make-up product or purchase products from the most expensive make-up brands to be a great make-up artist….it all comes with the technique and personality!!

Kandee held a meet & greet right after the show and the line was sooooooooo long! I think she said it was about 3 hrs!! She must’ve been tired (esp. for being pregnant too)!! But she was sweet enough to stick it through to the end and see every fan that was in line!

Ruth and I didn’t stand in this long line. But luckily as we were leaving we saw Kandee outside speaking to someone. I thought, this was my chance to speak to her and take a photo with her!

I told Kandee how the first video I saw of her was “How To Get Really White Teeth” and from then on I was hooked! Kandee Johnson is a very talented make-up artist and to top it off her personality is amazing! In one of her blog posts (www.kandeethemakeupartist.blogspot.com) she says,

  “make-up is fun for the outside…..
but I want to make hearts feel beautiful….”

I truly believe her saying and this is one reason why I LOVE being a make-up artist. As much as we are “touching faces” we are also “touching hearts” one heart at a time!

Kandee Johnson is another one of my YouTube make-up guru inspirations. On that list is also Koren and Elessa who I spoke to and took a picture with last year: YouTube Inspired

Here are a few more photos of that day:

Celebrity Make-up Artist, Eve Pearl and I (www.evepearl.com)
Getting airbrushed

Student Competition – Alice In Wonderland
 Ruthie getting blush airbrushed at Temptu
 My friend, Angela trying foundation at CoverFX

This year I’m so proud that I  didn’t go overboard with the purchases! Being prepared by writing a list of what you need, checking what you already have in your kit so you don’t re-buy an item, walking around first, and having a good friend that will help you resist temptation really does help!! 🙂

Buhhh-Bye IMATS…’Til next year! 🙂

To check out my blog posting from last year click here: 2009 IMATS Toronto Experience