A Moment to Play

I feel like I’ve been soo busy lately that I realized my day-to-day hair and make-up has become soooo boring.

Daily hair routine:

  • Tying all my hair in a bun

Daily make-up routine:

  • A tiny bit of foundation arount the nose, powder to set
  • Bronzer on the cheeks and forehead
  • If I have time, I’ll apply gel eyeliner (I never used to leave the house without eyeliner!) 
  • Curl lashes + mascara

Tonight, after bracelet making and spending quality time with my mom, I set aside time to play.
I haven’t played with my hair and make-up in months! Today was an opportunity for some me time so I couldn’t pass that up!

So this is what I did …

I’ve always wanted to try the upside down braid on myself but thought it could never be done because my hair is too short. SUCCESS! I totally proved myself wrong. Might I add, it feels like such a work-out on my arms?!!

Because I always like to keep my eyes simple, I thought to add some colour with a bright lipstick (JOE FRESH Fuschia).

What do you think??

I’m all done up. Now…I just need to go out. 😛

xoxo Tess