LOTD: NYX Matte Lipstick

I like to wear my fave drink on my lips! Now all I need is the sun shining, warm weather and a patio! :-p

Here is my Lipstick Of The Day (#LOTD):
NYX Matte lipstick in “Strawberry Daiquiri”

Quick Review:

  • Matte finish – ensure your lips are moisturized prior to applying lipstick
  • Very pigmented
  • Long-lasting
  • Beautiful shade and flattering for most skin types


{Review} Avon Extra Lasting Lipstick

I thought I’d begin the Canada Day long weekend with a bright red lip.This one is called “Fiery Red” by Avon.This lipstick, similar to yesterday’s LOTD (click here) is from Avon’s “Extra Lasting” line.

Avon claims that the Extra Lasting lipstick:

  • is extra lasting
  • is infused with Vitamin E and wheat protein
  • provides 24 hours of comfortable wear, for hours upon hours

My experience:

  • beautiful shade
  • moisturizing
  • pigmented
  • not extremely long-lasting
  • semi-matte finish

Not owning any Avon lipsticks before, I am impressed with the colour pay-off and how pigmented the lipstick is. It also feels very nice on the lips with a desirable finish. With “Extra Lasting” being in the name of the lipstick line, I had high expectations of its lasting finish. But about an hour later, when I took a sip of my drink, the lipstick transferred onto my straw quite easily. By about 6 hours after the application, I still had a tiny bit of colour on my lips but with the lipstick more prominent on the edges.

There are definitely other lipsticks out there that I have tried which are more long-lasting. However, the shade, pigmentation, and finish of this lipstick is just enough for me to keep coming back! 😀

One tip to keep your lipstick lasting just a little bit longer, is to blot then layer. Blotting your lipstick on a tissue in between layers will keep some of the colour on your lips but remove excess moisture/oils that can easily transfer.

Instagram photo:

On sale $6.99 CAD

LOTD: Avon Extra Lasting Lipstick in “Pink Peach”

My eyes are soft and neutral today so I thought I would pair it up with a pop of colour on the lips.

The lipstick I’m wearing today is Avon’s Extra Lasting Lipstick in “Pink Peach”.
It’s  beautiful, soft, and has a nice sheen to it. I think this colour would look great on light to medium dark skin tones and is a great colour to brighten up a neutral face.

“Pink Peach”  is a great shade for this summer!

On sale $6.99 CAD

LOTD – Sheer Clover {Aveda}

Hello everyone! Meet my sister’s lips! HAHA

She is wearing a very soft, neutral colour with a slight hint of pink. This lipstick is called, “Sheer Clover” by Aveda.

It’s such a pretty colour that can match with almost every skin colour, outfit, and hair colour! ! lol

Well, hi there, purrrty sisterrrrr!!

LOTD – Made With Love {MAC}

Today I wanted to go for something a little bright, but not too intense.

I opted for “Made With Love” by MAC which is a coralish-pink colour. It is a lustre finish which is somewhat sheer and gives a slight gloss or “wet” look.

See how it’s still a bit sheer?

This is great for those who want to venture into wearing bright, colourful lipsticks but are still a bit scared.

TIP: If you want a more sublte look, apply the lipstick by dabbing it on your lips. Then take your clean finger to distribute the lipstick evenly on your lips and cover any missed areas.


Lately, I’ve been wearing bold lip colours.
On a daily basis, my make-up tends to be very neutral. But on weekends I love to spice it up with a bit of colour on the lips. I used to be very afraid to wear bold lip colours, but lately I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone to give my look a bit more … oomph.

So I think I’ll start posting photos of my “LIPSTICK OF THE DAY”. I don’t wear lipstick everyday, but when I do, I’ll post a photo for you to see. Who knows, it might introduce a new colour to you or help you determine whether or not you like a colour you were contemplating on getting.

Here is what I wore today:

Lipstick: VINO {ANNABELLE Cosmetics}
Lipliner: Cherry {ANNABELLE Cosmetics}

* don’t mind the lipstick shape. lol I melted all my lipsticks for my make-up kit and left a bit on the tube for me to use.
The inspiration of today’s lip colour was my turquoise necklace
I wanted to wear something deep, but not too dark.