Crackle Nails are Soooo Last Season!

Move outta the way crackle nails…magnetic nails have arrived!

I’ve been hearing a lot about magnetic nail polishes all over the cyber-world the past couple of months. It seems like a pretty neat concept, don’t you think?

How does it work?
There are magnetic particles in these nail polishes which create cool patterns with magnetic forces when a magnet is held directly over it.

To be honest, it kind of reminds me of this toy I used to play with when I was a kid …Wooly Willy? Riiight? Just a little bit?? lol 😛

Over the weekend, I stopped by Sephora and saw these magnetic nail polishes on display right when you walk in called, Nails Inc.

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My first impression?
“Wow! $18 for a nail polish?!!!”

Could it be thaaaat good to spend a crap load of money for a nail polish?
I had to give it a try and see what all the craze is about.

I quickly grabbed the purple nail polish tester called, House of Parliament and painted it over my already-painted fingernail. I took the magnet that is glued on top of the cover of the bottle and started to play around with it over my polished nail to create a pattern.

Nothing happened.

I looked at the bottle for the instructions. It was nowhere to be found on the tester so I checked another bottle. There was a sticker for the instructions which you would have to peel off and I wasn’t inclined to do so because this bottle was new and not a tester.

I spotted a Sephora employee who was greeting all the customers as they were walking in. I asked her how to create the pattern in the nail polish. I looked at her nails as I handed her the nail polish and she had the silver one on called, Trafalgar Square. (She had extremely short nails and to be honest, it didn’t look that good. :S)

The employee was kind enough to demonstrate on my nail how to do it and voila a few seconds later I had a pattern on my nail! Cool!

There’s a little lip on top of the cover which you just rest ontop of your finger as you bring the magnet close to your nail. I didn’t rest this lip on my cuticle when I first gave it a try so I think the magnet was too far from the nail. For it to work, the magnet should be very close to your nail, but ensure it doesn’t actually touch your nail or you will ruin the wet polish. (This happened a few times as the employee was demonstrating it on me and even when I tried it myself.)

Here is what it looks like:

I excitedly gave it a try on my other ring finger…
I quickly put a layer of nail polish on and put the magnet over.
Oopps! The magnet touched my nail. Too close. :S
I put another layer on. Nope! Didn’t work.
I realized that the layer I put on was too thin. So I added a thicker layer on top and quickly took the magnet over the nail before it dried.
Eh…it kinda worked.
Here is what my other nail looks like:

A little too light and not as dramatic as the other nail, right?

I tried one last time and it still didn’t work as well as I wanted it to.

I was strapped for time as I was meeting someone, so I put down the nail polish and left the store. HAHA

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not difficult to use. I think it just takes a few tries before you get it the way you want. It was just too expensive for me to really fall in love with it. It’s a cool concept and all but not worth $18 of my money. I’m sure there will be cheaper versions out there as the trend continues….

Have you tried the nail polish? What are your thoughts?