L’Oreal Paris Glams You Up at the 2011 Luminato Festival in Toronto

A few weeks ago, I was invited to get ‘glammed up’ by the Official Hair and Make-up Artists of L’Oreal Paris in Canada at the Luminato Festival being held in Toronto. I rarely get to be the client and sit in the ‘magic seat’ so I couldn’t turn down this opportunity! Plus, it was like icing on top of the delicious cake, getting dolled up by such amazing and inspiring Artists.

Check out my experience:
 I had such an awesome time meeting Eddie Malter (Official Make-up Artist of L’Oreal Paris in Canada) and Eric Del Monaco (Official Hair Artist and Colourist of L’Oreal Paris in Canada). There were a lot of laughs as they were very pleasant to speak with.
Here are a couple of tips that they passed along to me:
Make-up Tips from Eddie Malter:

*Secret* tip: Do you have a nervous, stressed-out bride? A little shot of vodka, tequila, etc. would do the trick. Carry a little flask in your make-up kit with a bit of alcohol. Feel free to mix a little bit of it with juice.This will help relax the bride and calm her nerves. (If the mother-of-the-bride is too stressed out, give her the entire flask! JUST KIDDING!!)
  •  If your mascara transfers onto your eyelid or underneath your eyes right after applying it, wait until it dries. Then take a q-tip and gently wipe it off.
  •  Does your eyeliner transfer onto your eyelid or underneath your eyes? Try setting it with eye shadow of the same eye liner colour. That’ll help keep it in place.
  •  To get more control with your blush, try using a small brush. Eddie uses a small Shu Umera brush. You’ll see him using it in my video (8:12 to 8:18). For ladies with an Asian ethnicity, Eddie says he likes to focus on the apples of the cheeks and blend out.
  •  For an easier mascara application, bend the mascara wand. It’ll help you get deep into the lashes with that angle as it’s easier to apply.
  • If you have nice skin, don’t cover it up with foundation. Use little to none if you can pull it off. I suggest maybe even concealing the small areas of discolouration if needed.
·         Eddie complimented me on my skin and my lips. He said, if your lower lip is bigger than your upper lip, you love life and like to have fun! I got excited because that’s how I am!
Tips from Eric Del Monaco:

  •  Do you have annoying fly aways that just won’t stay put? Try using L’Oreal’s Hair Expertise Nutri-Sleek Frizzy Hair Anti-Frizz Serum. Don’t go overboard with the pumping. If you have thin hair, only pump a smidget. If you have thick hair like mine, a little less than one pump is good.
  • When curling your hair, it’s more flattering for your face if you curl the front parts of your hair outwards. It opens up the face.
  • When curling your hair, take each section and spray it with L’Oreal’s Elnett Hairsprays (Strong or Extra-Strong) before curling your hair with the curling iron. It’ll keep the curls in longer.
·         I asked Eric if I were to get highlights, what colour would suit me. He said red/burgundy highlights are getting played out and to go for browns…something neutral. Also, thin highlights give a more natural look.
·         He also said, if you want something funky, purple highlights with dark hair look great together! I did that years ago and he’s right…it is a great combo!
·         I also asked Eric if a short pixi cut would suit me. I used to have the “Victoria Beckham” cut a few years ago and was tempted to go shorter…but I’ve been hesitant because I’m scared! :S Eric said it would suit my face and my hair texture if it was cut right. He asked that I go to him if I ever decide to chop off all my hair. But in the meantime he suggests I keep my hair long and enjoy it for the summer.     

 Eric complimented me on my hair and how well it can hold in the curls.  I made a joke saying I feel like I’m in a hair commercial!

I arrived to the event with NO MAKE-UP ON! Yiikes!
Here is a before and after:

Look at which lovely TBB (Toronto Beauty Bloggers) I spotted at this event before they got their make-overs by Eddie & Eric:

Left: Elaine (Blog: Torontobeautyreviews, Twitter: @TOBeautyReviews)
Right: Joyce (Blog: SparklyPlayground, Twitter: @01b0o)
Check out their experience at the L’Oreal Luminato event and see how gorgeous they both look!!!

Thank you Margaret (Cowan & Company) for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful event.

Thanks Ruthie for joining me and taking photos for me! She got her hair and make-up done as well! Look how gorgeous she looks!

Photos couresty of  Vito Amati:

Thanks Eddie & Eric for the memorable make-up experience and for sharing some tips & tricks!

Check out the swag bag from this event (there is one extra gloss I added to the photo which my friend got)!

The list of products Eddie and Eric used on me will be sent to me shortly! Keep checking back if you are interested.

Thanks for reading!

2011 Spring Mixer

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful and inspiring beauty bloggers at the Toronto Beauty Blogger Spring Mixer Event held at Loki Salon & Spa (Yorkville).

It was a cold yet sunny Sunday afternoon of mingling, snacking, and awesome giveaways! (One giveaway of which I won, woohoo!)

We all had a chance to meet each other and finally put faces & first names to our beauty-blogger names! ;P

Here are photos of a few of the awesome beauty bloggers I met:

Myself, Janella (BNBMakeupArt), & Jenn (JennMUA)

Myself, Janella (BNBMakeupArt), & Tamara (beautythesis)
Fiona (fionaman), Ande (Makemeoverande), myself & Isabel (Mtl_MissIPP)
Myself, Emily (emilacci), Janella (BNBMakeupArt), & Tamara (beautythesis)
Another great feature to this day was seeing the beautiful custom made head bands and accessories by Featherband (Amanda Wu). These accessories are great inspirations for photoshoots and gorgeous head pieces for brides. These accessories can also be great statement pieces to wear on a regular day. 😉

Another perk of attending this event was the SWAG BAG. I definitely got my work-out from carrying this bag FULL OF GOODIES! 🙂 Can’t wait to try these products out!

Special thanks go out to Farah (http://facesbyfarah.com/) for organizing and hosting this event! Also, a thank-you goes out to Kavita (www.kavitasuri.com) for providing the beautiful venue. It is truly inspiring to have wonderful people with similar interest and love of beauty under the same roof. THANK YOU!
To the TBB ladies, it was great to meet you. Keep bloggin’/posting videos because you are a great inspiration and you help many beauty enthusiasts & everday women out there feel and look beautiful! I can’t wait to see you all at the next TBB event!