{Beauty Panel} How to Transition Your Hair from Day to Night

The Beauty Panel on FashionMagazine.com was asked,

“How do you transition your make-up and/or hair from day to night?”

For this Beauty Panel challenge, I just wanted to focus on hair. For my daytime look, I show you my go-to  favourite hairstyle … the rope braid. This is a beautiful ‘do with minimal effort involved. It literally takes less than two minutes to do, but it looks like you spent waaaay longer. This style allows you to stay in bed longer in the morning and spend less time trying to get ready — and no one would ever know!

If you have hair like mine, you can’t tie your hair during the day and then leave your hair down at night. My hair is just too thick & coarse and trying to flat iron the dent from the hair tie is just impossible for me! So…for my night look, I tend to wear my hair up as well. In this video, I show you how to create the popular & trendy top knot bun. Again, another gorgeous hair ‘do that is quick and simple to do.

Products used:
L’Oreal Elnett Satin – Lumiere Ultra Strong Hold
Goody Ouchless Hair Ties
Sally Beauty Bobby Pins – Meta Grip Premium Bob Pins in Black
Boar Bristle Brush
DIY Hair donut (black athletic sock)

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How do you transition your hair from day to night?

Thanks for watching & stay tuned for the next Beauty Panel Challenge!

{Beauty Panel} How Will You Incorporate the Colour of the Year In Your Beauty Routine?

The second Beauty Panel challenge is up just in time for St. Patrick’s day!

Products used:

Base Coat/Top Coat/Nail Strengthener – Pro FX  Complete 3
Nail polish – China Glaze Watermelon Rind

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{Beauty Panel} The “No Make-up” Make-up Look

I have exciting news!

I have been asked to be a part of www.fashionmagazine.com‘s Beauty Panel team which launched on March 7, 2013!

What is the Beauty Panel?

It’s a team of Canadian Beauty Bloggers who answer questions about make-up, hair, and nail polish!

The first question is: 


Mine is what I call, the “No Make-up” make-up look!
A look that is very natural, easy-to-do, and presentable for a day in the office

To see the actual post on www.fashionmagazine.com click here

Products used:

Moisturizer – Embryolisse – Lait Crème Concentrè

Foundation – NARS Firming Foundation in Syracuse
Concealer – MAC Select Moisturecover in NW30
Powder –  MAKE-UP FOREVER HD Microfinish Powder (set under-eye concealer) & MAC Blot Powder in Dark (face)
Bronzer – Annabelle Perfect Bronze in Sun Goddess
Blush – MAC in Gingerly


Primer – Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden
Eyeshadow – MAC Malt and Shroom
Eyeliner – Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner in Brown
Mascara – MARCELLE Power Volume Mascara in Black


Lip balm – Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner in SPF
Lipstick – Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Voluptè SPF 15 in Beige Ultimate (#3)

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What is your everyday make-up look?

2011 IMATS Experience + Haul

IMATS is an annual weekend event that all make-up artists and beauty enthusiasts cannot wait for. Weeks before the event, beauty lovers are writing their lists and checking it twice and beauty bloggers share informative tips on how to have a great IMATS experience!
Not only is IMATS great for their amazing deals and discounted cosmetics, it is also a wonderful place to network — seeing beauty bloggers and meeting fellow make-up artists both beginners and experts who have been in the industry for many years! Bringing your business cards is a must as you never know what kind of opportunity can arise after speaking to someone.
Attending classes are a definite plus for this event. Expert make-up artists, such as, Eve Pearl, Koren Zander, Kevin James Bennett, etc. teach the tricks of the trade and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you will always learn something new!
This year IMATS was held on November 11th & 12th. This was my third year attending IMATS and as each experience has been different, it’s always inspiring!

The highlight of my IMATS experience this year is having the privilege of being Koren’s (EnkoreMakeup) model during his “Power of Colour” class. I was super excited (and nervous). He has been a true inspiration to me for a few years now and being on stage with him was such an honour.

Photo courtesy of Elaine (TOBeautyReviews)

Photo courtesy of Ruth

As mentioned in my video, I spent less than my budget this year! WOOHOO!
Here is what I purchased:
Feathered hair accessories at the Crystal Works booth
These were only $4 each!
Disposable rubber wands ($3.50 each) and lip brushes ($3 each) at Nigel Beauty Emporium
Parian Spirit brush cleaner from Alcone ($12.50 each)
 Thanks Fiona (Fiona Man’s channel) for getting these bottles for me and for your awesome product wars review!
NYX Nail polish ($2 each)
Left to right:
Gold Sparkle, Desert Rose, Cafe Au Lait
NYX Nail Art polish ($1 each)
Left to right:
Silver, Gold, Black Glitter
NYX Sharpener ($4)
Can you believe I didn’t purchase any make-up? I could not believe it either! But I didn’t really need anything!
Budget: $150!
Shout-outs to:
IMATS and Make-up Artist Magazine (@MakeupArtistmag) for another wonderful year.
Koren (EnkoreMakeup) – Thanks for asking me to be your model and doing a fantastic job on the make-up and class.
Elessa (Pursebuzz) – We didn’t get to do my hair tutorial! Maybe next time!?
Toronto Beauty Bloggers (www.torontobeautybloggers.com)– Great seeing most of you ladies! It was truly a better IMATS experience knowing more people in the industry.
Ruthie – Thanks for joining me for another year of IMATS! You are an amazing shopping partner. Thanks for taking the photos and video of Koren’s class too.
‘Til next year … Happy Savings for the next IMATS!

hmmm … 
maybe next time I’ll do IMATS LA or Vancouver or NYC!!! 
hmmmm …

L’Oreal Paris Glams You Up at the 2011 Luminato Festival in Toronto

A few weeks ago, I was invited to get ‘glammed up’ by the Official Hair and Make-up Artists of L’Oreal Paris in Canada at the Luminato Festival being held in Toronto. I rarely get to be the client and sit in the ‘magic seat’ so I couldn’t turn down this opportunity! Plus, it was like icing on top of the delicious cake, getting dolled up by such amazing and inspiring Artists.

Check out my experience:
 I had such an awesome time meeting Eddie Malter (Official Make-up Artist of L’Oreal Paris in Canada) and Eric Del Monaco (Official Hair Artist and Colourist of L’Oreal Paris in Canada). There were a lot of laughs as they were very pleasant to speak with.
Here are a couple of tips that they passed along to me:
Make-up Tips from Eddie Malter:

*Secret* tip: Do you have a nervous, stressed-out bride? A little shot of vodka, tequila, etc. would do the trick. Carry a little flask in your make-up kit with a bit of alcohol. Feel free to mix a little bit of it with juice.This will help relax the bride and calm her nerves. (If the mother-of-the-bride is too stressed out, give her the entire flask! JUST KIDDING!!)
  •  If your mascara transfers onto your eyelid or underneath your eyes right after applying it, wait until it dries. Then take a q-tip and gently wipe it off.
  •  Does your eyeliner transfer onto your eyelid or underneath your eyes? Try setting it with eye shadow of the same eye liner colour. That’ll help keep it in place.
  •  To get more control with your blush, try using a small brush. Eddie uses a small Shu Umera brush. You’ll see him using it in my video (8:12 to 8:18). For ladies with an Asian ethnicity, Eddie says he likes to focus on the apples of the cheeks and blend out.
  •  For an easier mascara application, bend the mascara wand. It’ll help you get deep into the lashes with that angle as it’s easier to apply.
  • If you have nice skin, don’t cover it up with foundation. Use little to none if you can pull it off. I suggest maybe even concealing the small areas of discolouration if needed.
·         Eddie complimented me on my skin and my lips. He said, if your lower lip is bigger than your upper lip, you love life and like to have fun! I got excited because that’s how I am!
Tips from Eric Del Monaco:

  •  Do you have annoying fly aways that just won’t stay put? Try using L’Oreal’s Hair Expertise Nutri-Sleek Frizzy Hair Anti-Frizz Serum. Don’t go overboard with the pumping. If you have thin hair, only pump a smidget. If you have thick hair like mine, a little less than one pump is good.
  • When curling your hair, it’s more flattering for your face if you curl the front parts of your hair outwards. It opens up the face.
  • When curling your hair, take each section and spray it with L’Oreal’s Elnett Hairsprays (Strong or Extra-Strong) before curling your hair with the curling iron. It’ll keep the curls in longer.
·         I asked Eric if I were to get highlights, what colour would suit me. He said red/burgundy highlights are getting played out and to go for browns…something neutral. Also, thin highlights give a more natural look.
·         He also said, if you want something funky, purple highlights with dark hair look great together! I did that years ago and he’s right…it is a great combo!
·         I also asked Eric if a short pixi cut would suit me. I used to have the “Victoria Beckham” cut a few years ago and was tempted to go shorter…but I’ve been hesitant because I’m scared! :S Eric said it would suit my face and my hair texture if it was cut right. He asked that I go to him if I ever decide to chop off all my hair. But in the meantime he suggests I keep my hair long and enjoy it for the summer.     

 Eric complimented me on my hair and how well it can hold in the curls.  I made a joke saying I feel like I’m in a hair commercial!

I arrived to the event with NO MAKE-UP ON! Yiikes!
Here is a before and after:

Look at which lovely TBB (Toronto Beauty Bloggers) I spotted at this event before they got their make-overs by Eddie & Eric:

Left: Elaine (Blog: Torontobeautyreviews, Twitter: @TOBeautyReviews)
Right: Joyce (Blog: SparklyPlayground, Twitter: @01b0o)
Check out their experience at the L’Oreal Luminato event and see how gorgeous they both look!!!

Thank you Margaret (Cowan & Company) for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful event.

Thanks Ruthie for joining me and taking photos for me! She got her hair and make-up done as well! Look how gorgeous she looks!

Photos couresty of  Vito Amati:

Thanks Eddie & Eric for the memorable make-up experience and for sharing some tips & tricks!

Check out the swag bag from this event (there is one extra gloss I added to the photo which my friend got)!

The list of products Eddie and Eric used on me will be sent to me shortly! Keep checking back if you are interested.

Thanks for reading!

False Lashes

Last month I posted a poll on my blog:

and as you can see, about 50% of you who voted, thought that FALSE EYE LASHES are the most difficult to apply.

I always thought applying false lashes on other people was a sinch! But on myself, well, that’s another story! For one thing, I thought it was a struggle because I had only ONE EYE open, so I felt I couldn’t see properly. PLUS, I could never get my “closed eye” to relax so it was ALWAYS twitching. This resulted in GLUE everywhere! Very MESSY, I tell you. So whenever I would wear false lashes, I would get my experienced “hawaiian dancer” friend to put it on me! (For all you hawaiian dancers out there, you know you love your false lashes! :P).

False lashes are one of those things most people don’t wear on a daily basis. So I too, thought they were one of the most difficult things to apply on yourself. But after you get the hang of it….it’s actually quite easy!

Here is how I apply false eye lashes on myself:

I get many clients asking me how to remove false lashes. No need to fear, I promise you this CAN be painless! 😉

Here is a quick and easy way to remove false lashes:

I hope these tutorials helped!
Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be extremely easy for you!

For those of you who voted on my poll, thanks for your feedback! xoxox

Favourite Make-up Set (thus far) . . .


Kit includes:
– Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss
– Lash DNA Mascara (Jet Black)
– Eye Palette (Encore)
– Photo Finish Foundation Primer (Travel Size)
– Blush/Soft Lights Duo (Style/Icon)


Eye Shadows – In these pictures the colours look a tiny bit yellow due to my flash. So just picture the colours a little more deep….especially the deep burgundy (4th colour from the left).

(FYI – I like the pigmentation way better than MAC eye shadows!! )

Eye Shadow palette also comes with a black (gel-based) eye liner and a cute little travel brush (one end is an eye shadow brush and one end is an eye liner brush)….this beats those CHEAP LOOKING spongey applicators that come with other eye shadows!! 🙂

Blush/Soft Lights Duo (Style/Icon)

Tess’ Quick Review:

– Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss

  • Love the texture
  • Not sticky like MAC lip glasses
  • Beautiful pearlescent sheen
  • Looks nice on bare lips (without any liner or lipstick) and gives a nice shine when wearing over liner or lipstick

– Lash DNA Mascara (Jet Black)

  • Double helix brush is a cool concept, but I feel the brush is too big for my small eyes making it a little hard to apply properly
  • Does add volume to my lashes
  • Loves how DARK my lashes look

– Eye Palette (Encore)

(Eye Shadows)

  • Love the colours
  • Very pigmented
  • Extremely versitile – you can create many different colour combos and looks
  • Use this palette both day & night
  • Easy to travel with and it comes with a big size mirror.
  • Like the tiny eye liner and eye shadow brush it’s waaaay better than the crappy sponge applicators that other brands provide!)

(Eye liner)

  • Does not last as long as the MAC’s Blacktrack Fluidline
  • They claim it’s smudgeproof, but I think it still smudges
  • Great to use as a base over your eye lid for a smokey eye look

– Photo Finish Foundation Primer (Travel Size)

  • Favourite primer so far
  • Loves the texture – leaves skin looking smooth and feeling silky
  • Reduces size of large pores (really notice it on my nose)
  • Helps make my foundation last longer throughout the day

– Blush/Soft Lights Duo (Style/Icon)

  • Not super pigmented which creates a natural look
  • It’s buildable so you can add more layers if needed
  • Colours create a soft and natural look
  • Brightens up my face
This kit was purchased from Shopper’s Drugmart’s Beauty Boutique for $68!!!
The value is close to $200!!! This was an awesome deal!

Hopefully you guys can still find this kit. If so, let me know what you think about it!

Thanks for stoppin’ by!

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Reached Two Thousand . . .

YouTube Video VIEWS!!
(you may think this number is small, but to me…this number is HUGE!!)



. . . this is how I feel at the moment . . .

Thankful – that you watch my videos
Surprised – that other people watch my videos other than the bf and friends (hahaha)
Appreciative – of all the support you have shown me
Happy – that I am actually inspiring, motivating, and helping others in this way
Motivated – to create more useful videos and inspriing blog entries.

Thanks for reading/watching!
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…stay tuned for more…

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