How to Naturally Contour for Everyday Make-up

Originally popular in theatre & drag make-up, contouring has become admired by everyday make-up lovers the last few years. Does Kim Kardashian and YouTube play a huge part in this contouring craze? Probably.  As a result, contouring is a beautiful step recently added to many people’s everyday make-up routine. It can come in different formulas: cream, liquid or powder and with one or two shades darker than your skin tone, it can add dimension back to your face.

For a naturally subtle sculpted face, I like to use the powder formula. One of my favourites is Benefit Cosmetics, “Hoola”. With its matte finish and taupe shade, it softly recedes areas of the face I want to define, such as, my cheekbones and nose. Gently apply the contour powder to the hallows of the cheeks and the sides of the bridge of your nose. This creates shadows on your face.

Contouring with Hoola


When contouring, a rule of thumb is to follow-up with highlighting. I like to use Benefit Cosmetics, “Watt’s Up” highlighter which gives your skin a beautiful glow. Apply this to where the sun would naturally hit your face, such as, the high points of your cheeks and the top of the bridge of your nose.


Contour & Highlight

With both contouring and highlighting, you have now achieved a naturally defined look. One more tip: remember to blend, blend, BLEND! You don’t want to see any harsh lines!


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